1988 sportsmobile / quigley for trade


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I've looked into a few vehicles that would serve me better than this cool 4Runner and if I settled on something I was planning on selling it. It's an 86 and since I've had it I've put some money into things that needed fixing or would at some point. One picture is right before I had the leaf springs replaced. I think I want a van or something similar. If this is interesting to you I'd be interested in knowing more about what you're trading.


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Well OP, If you haven't traded for the Speedster or the Suburban... You just may be misguided enough for this.

2002 Harley Davidson FatBoy with less than 10K miles. (Seriously dude. Grab the Porsche. Even if it is a repo. You ain't gonna have that level of fun in anything else.)


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If that was a Beck, it would be worth a look. In todays classic 4x4 market I'd be leaning towards the Jimmy if its all metal, with matching numbers. It's tough to pin but that may be a straight swap. Most others arent looking at whats being asked price wise for 4x4 pop top vans that are in good shape. You dont buy into a "needs nothing" package for 10g or equiv. Digital pics are tough, everything looks good on a laptop, but I saw the van in person, and it is what it appears to be.


Hey there, I'm interested too. I'd trade a 1972 Series land Rover. I'll add more details if you're open to chatting.