1987 toyota van 4x4 5 speed poptop for sale


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1987 Toyota Van 4wd 5-speed manual transmission, 2 speed transfer case (hi-lo), manual locking hubs, with country homes poptop conversion.
160k miles on the body, with new engine and $6k worth of work put in at 134k when I got her.

This is the holy grail of vans. A 4wd poptop.
When I picked up this van it had a seized engine due to overheating. So I had new engine put in, replaced practically everything in the engine compartment, and have driven her on countless roadtrips for the last 5 years. She's been a champ, taking me to the Sierra countless times, Death Valley, Oregon, Nevada, Utah etc...
She's incredibly capable on tricky dirt roads. The low compound 4wd, coupled with the beefy tires, really lets you crawl slowly and surely over rough terrain. Comes in very handy in snow too. She's done the Lippencott mine road in death valley no problems. She's no rock crawler, but she's capable enough to take you way off the beaten path, and let you camp in style and comfort.
The poptop can be used to sleep in, or you can make a bed platform between the engine and rear bench seat and use the top for ventilation and storage. The van stays warm in winter and cool in summer thanks to insulation in the body walls and ceiling (it's a full custom conversion done by country homes).
This was my ideal vehicle that I was planning on running forever. However I have gotten into dirt biking and need a van that I can put a rack on the back of and haul weight up the mountains. This is not that van. So I'm reluctantly putting her up for adoption in the hopes she'll have many more adventures. She should be good to go for at least another 100k and up with only minor maintenance.


The good:
I had the engine replaced by a certified toyota mechanic (and toyota van guru), with all new hoses too.
Radiator re-cored and reconditioned
New fuel pump
New starter
New ingition coil, plugs and wires
New clutch
New clutch master cylinder
New brake pads
New brake master cylinder
New windshield
Burly offroad tires
2" lift via torsion bars and larger tires
2 spare wheels
Wheels all sanded and repainted
New poptop springs so popping the top is smooth.
Kill switch installed so it can't be stolen.
Tow hitch and electrical hookup installed (though only rated class 1)
Cruise control works
Has never been to burning man (meaning she's not full of corroding playa dust).
Headless stereo (takes SD cards)
Comes with crazy amount of spares (I've owned 3 of these vans now, and collected everything needed to repair them should anything go wrong in the wild - water pump, relays, fuel filter, belts, hoses, lights, distributor, seatbelts, etc etc..- fortunately I've never had to use them - these are insanely reliable vehicles)
Comes with official toyota shop manual
Registered as a class C RV (I think the only good thing about this is that legally people sitting in the back can drink alcohol)
Registered in CA through Feb 2016
Passed smog no problem last year
New battery last year
I'll even throw in the bed platform I used, which works really well and leaves room for 12" storage containers underneath, and the reflectix window coverings (insulating and light blocking).

The bad:
Rear hatch has a dent in it
Front drivers seat could do with replacing with a junkyard score - it's still the original vinyl one. I replaced the passenger with a nicer cloth model.
Rust around bottom of front windshield needs some patching. I used flowable silicone sealant to stop it getting worse when I got the van, but it needs taking care of permanently.
One sliding door side window was smashed and replaced with polycarbonate.
AC non functional - needs converting to R134a, which I've never attempted.
Needs new front tires (rears were replaced with general grabbers very recently)
And she's not the prettiest van, with minor cosmetic dings inside and out.
Only has one rear bench seat, no middle seats (setup for camping!)

Overall she's in excellent mechanical shape, and with a bit of cosmetic love could be perfect.
Asking: $6000 obo. This is a complete bargain if you look at the prices of a VW synchro westfalia (the closest competitor van, which isn't as reliable mechanically or as capable offroad). Looking for someone who knows what this van is, and is capable of looking after her and taking her on many adventures.
Located in San Francisco.
Contact jon at nephology dot org