1987 toyota 4x4 22RE


Cool looking truck! I like the stripes. Interior looks nice too. 22re/5spd is a winning combo. Mind if I ask how much?


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Good luck.


That is a nice looking truck. Wheels and tires look good but would drive better with a 31 or 33x10.50. 22re and 5spd heck yeah. Maybe a little steep on money, but hey, long as its it fits for you is what matters. Enjoy


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Its a bit more than I'm looking to spend honestly. I'm still going to check it out, but I'm trying to keep this next rig under $5k, and I don't know how much he will budge.

I ran the car fax, and while it is mostly clean there was one accident reported back in 2011 I'll have to ask about….and it looks like there have been about 5 owners. The things that worry me the most are the mechanics….he doesn't seem to have much of a service history, and who knows what the previous owners had done, or not. To me this means most of the large problem issues I would need to address before feeling this thing was baselined enough to take out on longer trips….which means more of an initial investment.


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Thats what I'm saying....very cool truck but dang. I'll keep looking....got my eye on some Troopers too.


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Yeah I would keep looking. I purchased a 1987 sr5 with 125k miles on it a year ago for 1800 bucks. no rust, interior was worn but no leaks and ran like a champ. They can be found. I guy asking that much for a bone stock 80s runner is not really wanting to sell it.


Thanks for the info guys. It is a 22re/5 speed combo. He has really wide 33"s on it now which I'd probably dial down a little in size.
if it has 5.29 gears as you indicated, 33" rubber is too small of a tire, so with that gearing you can't go down in tire size.

unless that rig has had stuff done to it that you don't know about, he's asking too much money.


He does state there is a minor leak around the power steering box but no dripping.
I think that nearly all Toyota of this vintage leak at the power steering box, just enough to keep them wet and it never gets worse. I had an 88 4Runner that was like that for almost 10 years and it never worsened not really consumed a lot of fluid.

That is a really high price for a 4Runner, but then that is a really clean one. I'd hold out for another one, although it looks like they are generally quite pricey in your market.



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you can definitely beat that asking price, by a long shot.

as for the 22re, I had a 93 (2wd) pickup with the 22re. Delivered to me with 36 miles on the odometer. I decided to sell it after turning over 300,000. 18 years later, and I just wanted something with 4wd (and am absolutely in love with my 1st-gen Tundra with 225k on the clock). The 22re is definitely not a high-power beast. I spent my first several years in NW NM/SW CO with that truck, and almost always had a couple or three hundred extra pounds worth of stuff in it, and I never felt underpowered, but I definitely had to gear down A LOT in the mountains. It wasn't at all odd to end up in second gear on some of the tighter/twistier highway passes. If you know how to actually drive a stick, you won't have problems milking the little motor. I never had to do a damn thing to that engine. At all. I was really bad about not even doing some of the everyday basics. 10,000 mile oil changes were pretty normal (conventional oil, of course). I had to replace the starter twice and the alternator once, which of course isn't a reflection on the engine. After enough time, those things die sometimes.

I wouldn't hesitate to pick a truck with the 22re as my daily driver and fun-mobile. Don't overdo it with big tires and you'll be fine, and have a lot of fun.

edit: I didn't have power steering, so I didn't have to worry about that leaking.