1987 Scamper camper truck pop up camper Roof repair


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Hello All,
Realized my roof repair goes deeper then I thought. I need to remove it to rebuild. In order to do so I need to remove my canvas, which is still in good condition. Does anyone have any information on this process. In a few corners the screws attaching canvas to roof are very hard to get to. Thanks


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There is a process to removal. Raise the roof, remove the 4000 screws from the canvas. Basically fully raised removes the tension from the internal bars inside the tubes. Once fully raised remove the hardware from the corner mounts( there may be tensionand this is where it can springa hole throughthe roof so be careful) ,then the two bolts up front. Now cover the corner brackets with carpet to protect your roof from damage, and slide a 2×4 in-between the tube and the roof,on the front put the 2x4 on the canvas and let the roof rest on that when lowered. Lower roof system and have 4 people to lift roof off using the 2x4s to pick up.

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Hey ZMAN, since there is tension. I'm assuming to put it back on you need to do it with HECO system arms UP right.THen the process of lowering it puts that tension back on?


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Now that I have my roof off and working on repairing/rebuilding that I am wondering about the process of reinstalling the roof. Any information would be much appreciated.


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To reinstall, I have seen people either use angle iron from like an old bed frame or some plywood like what is under the mounts to begin with(the little spacer piece between the bracket and the frame of the roof) attach those to the corner brackets but extend those so they are long enough to meet in the middle of the back rail. Extending those will give you the leverage to pull down on them so you can get them parallel before attaching the brackets back in the corner. Doing this will also give the roof more support so not all of the stress is on the roof frame. Below is the link to another page that talks about this and has pictures.


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