1987 LHD DIESEL Toyota Landcruiser Troop Carrier 150k-ish miles

For sale is a left hand drive Landcruiser Troopy from Europe, BJ75, so has the 3B motor + H55 transmission, a little over 150k miles on it. Condition per photos. Does have some rust in a couple places, but not rampant and replacement panels are readily available. The front seats are not original, but present fairly well. Rear interior is completely empty and ready for expedition build. It's currently located near Fresno CA (at my brother's house--he has a lot more room than I do)
. Asking $22,000 for it with Colorado Title in my name, will sell for less if the buyer wants to deal with the paperwork themselves. I have successfully imported a car like this previously, and know how to do all the paperwork, so no worries there--I'd be happy to walk the buyer through the process if they choose. I have all the necessary documentation from the import process and will provide it to the buyer. Please check with your local motor vehicle registration department as not all states have the same requirements. Many more photos available, but I have a really slow connection here so they're taking forever to load. PM if you're interested. Happy to answer any questions, and/or arrange viewing.

Steering, brakes, suspension, is all solid. (Hard to break, actually.) I'm sure the shocks are probably old, and the OEM springs ride like a buckboard wagon when the car is empty. I didn't think to check how much wear was on the brake pads, but they're not squealing or anything, and they stop the car fine, without pulling or other bad behaviors. Motor ran strong (3B strong, that is...lol) when I drove it. No weird leaks or noises or anything. Zero smoke on start up, cold or warm. Starts on first revolution of the motor. Shifting is tight, didn't pop out of gear or anything, no strange gearbox noises. I wouldn't have any qualms about the drivetrain at all. This Troopy is somewhat cosmetically challenged, but mechanically sound. There's no serious rust on the frame or underbody that I could see, what rust there is is shown in the photos. There are some panels on the car that have been repainted, so I can't make any claims for what's underneath, but here are my guesses. On the roof, if I were guessing, I'd say it was repainted because of paint fading/oxidation. Red paint of this vintage doesn't generally hold up all that great and the roofs are frequently bleached to primer, but the gutters on this one don't show any evidence of rust or the sealer having been compromised, which is a good indication that there's no rust under the paint up there. The rear fenders from the belt line down have been repainted also. Usually I'd suspect wheel arch rust, but whoever did it didn't repair any of the rust in the rockers (just painted over it as seen in the photos), so I'm not sure why they would have bothered to do anything if there was rust in the wheel arches. Besides, the back sides of the wheel arches are accessible and seem solid. The windshield frame has also been repainted, presumably at the same time as the roof. Whether it was done simply because it's contiguous with the roof (to make masking easier), or if there's some rust hiding under there, I couldn't say. Whoever did the paint did a less than artful job of it. If the original paint portions of the car were polished, it might match the "too glossy" look of the new paint sections a little better, but as is, it's kind of a "20 footer". Good from far, but far from good. If it was me, I probably wouldn't keep the red anyway (not my thing), but then, my "keeper" Troopy is white, and not everyone likes that either. :) Tires are old, tube types on the original split rims, and should probably be replaced if a buyer wanted to drive the truck home rather than having it transported. You could drive it onto and off a flatbed or car hauler with the tires that are on it (I did), but I wouldn't recommend driving it for prolonged periods at freeway speeds on them.

I bought it in Europe, imported it myself, and picked it up at the port maybe a month ago. I don't currently have a CO title, but if someone were willing to pay me full price, I could get one. It involves a bit of a scavenger hunt to get it done in Colorado ("bring me the broomstick of the witch", and all that), but I've done it before so kind of have it down. There are some not insignificant expenses involved, which is why I can sell if for less if someone wants to do the paperwork themselves. Some people would rather deal with all the paperwork themselves and save some money, so I won't bother getting the title until I know where the buyer is, and if their home state makes things easy.

I've tried to be as complete as I can, but if I've left anything out, or you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks!
Mickeyt—agreed, I’d dropped the price to $19k on listings elsewhere, just hadn’t gotten around to it here. I’ve seen two others with similar or more rust sell for this price in the last couple years, so it seems more reasonable. Contact me if you’re interested. Thanks!