1986 Vanagon Weekender


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I'm selling a 95% restored 1986 Vanagon Weekender Wolfsburg for $28,500

It has a custom interior...
The panels are custom painted, there's a bamboo hardwood floor, led lighting, custom upholstery including curtains and throw pillows, and both front seats swivel. Also inside are an auxiliary battery, inverter, and edgestar 43 quart refrigerator that are powered by the rooftop solar or the alternator.

the van is great and I just had a rebuilt with 0 miles 2.2l Subaru engine installed by California Westys for over $15k, which also included stainless cooling lines, a new radiator, new starter, new exhaust, and new alternator. I knew I'd lose money on this conversion when immediately selling but the rest of the van is so nice I wanted the engine to be awesome as well and have the new buyer be happy! This setup is California compliant so you may register the van here (currently a Florida plate) and the engine also comes with a 20,000 mile 2 year WARRANTY. Additionally, the van has gowesty wheels, michelin defender tires with only 4,000 miles on them, and just generally doesn't cause any stress/issues, I find if you put care into these great vans they love you back and are reliable and fun. 126k on the odometer, but I'm not sure how accurate or important that is as many things have been replaced/restored.

The paint job was done by a prior owner and has some drips/mistakes and a touch of surface rust is appearing on the seams along the bottom 18 inches (what I call the skirt?) but it's very light and i did some resealing already.

Reason for Selling: Most of the travel I'm wanting to do the next couple of years is overseas and for what I want to do it makes more sense to backpack than drive around the world.

A few more photos are at... https://www.thesamba.com/vw/classifieds/detail.php?id=2047479

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Extras and new goodies...

1. Packasport 115 cargo box with a flexible 100 watt solar panel velcro'ed to the top of it. The old 25 watt panels shown in the photos have been removed.

2. I installed a gasoline powered espar b1lc auxiliary heater with a 7 day timer thermostat ($1100+) under the bench seat that is plumbed into the vans fuel tank, it allows you to heat the van when the car is off and you are camped. The original heater under the bench seat had been previously removed for more storage space.

3. Pop-top lift assists, these are simply gas struts that help you raise the top/tent of the van since the cargo box and it's contents can be heavy. Loaded with the box and 50+ lbs I can still open the pop-top by myself.

Questions and offers are appreciated, though given the cost of the recent engine upgrade I think my list price is quite reasonable.


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Okay, bringing this sale back from the dead! I just did a 4 month trip in it rock climbing in wyoming so it now has 8000 miles on the new subaru engine. It also now has a small dent in the front from a deer but I'm getting a quote from a westy shop in san diego today. I still feel like this is a no brainer deal for someone and I'd love to sell asap as I'm moving back to Maui and don't really want to pay to store or ship the van.


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Hey Mike, yes, I'd still part with the van...I even just did some more cool mods and had the shop do some maintenance. I'm currently in Wyoming but can head wherever. Give me a text at 3523288249 and then we can schedule a phone call.