1986 Toyota 4Runner SR5, 22re, 5 Speed - Bay Area, CA



It's with a heavy heart that I put my 86 4Runner up for sale. It has been a sweet rig and I love it, however needs change, family will be coming eventually, and my 99 4Runner fits us better at this point in our lives. It's time for the 86 to find another loving family that can drive it more than I have been able to the past two years.

1986 Toyota 4Runner, SR5, 22RE, 5 Speed
193,764 miles as of today
Gray exterior with gray SR5 stripes and black top. Gray cloth interior.
Clean CA title in hand.
Passed smog at the end of January 2013 and registration is good through Feb 2014!
Location: Santa Rosa, CA. North Bay Area.

I'd prefer a local sale, or at least one where the perspective owner can come and take a look, test drive, etc. I try and represent things the best that I can, however people's definition of what is acceptable can be quite different.

All the SR5 options of the day including AC, PS, PB, PW, PL, Inclinometer, Sport Seats, Sun Roof (with inside cover/shade), Rear Heat, Intermittent Wipers, Cruise Control, Power Antenna (works good), map lights, great working rear window, etc. Has an aftermarket CD player, and the stock speakers have been replaced.

Everything works great, except the AC clutch needs to be replaced as it started to make some noise. I took the belt off (included in sale) since I don't use AC very much. The starter could probably use a rebuild/plunger lubed since occasionally it is a bit slow to retract and doesn't disengage quick enough before the engine fires. This is not frequent, but it bugs me and I haven't had the time to rebuilt it yet. Always starts.

The interior is in nice shape. The dash is uncracked! - I put in a dash mat to help keep it that way. No rips in the seats, no big stains on the carpet, etc. I just went through and cleaned the whole interior including shampooing the carpets and seats. One 50 cent piece size tear in the vinyl on one of the rear seat side interior panels. The factory SR5 temp gauge is a bit finicky at times, like most are, and will drop down and then go back up.

The exterior is in good shape. A few small dents here and there, most noticeably below the rear taillights where the previous owner found something while wheeling. These dents have a little surface rust too. The clear coat is thinning/gone in certain areas on the body and the removable top, but it still looks nice when cleaned up.

The lower end and tranny were rebuilt about 50,000 miles ago, shortly before I bought the truck in 2007. I had the top end rebuilt at 178,000. When I took the head off to have it rebuilt, you could still see faint crosshatching on the cylinder bores - this truck has lots of miles left.

List of parts I have replaced/rebuilt/rehabbed:
BFG Mud Terrains 31x10.50 15 on solid-axle-style Toyota chrome steel wheels. Have approximately 33,000 miles on them. Great shape, plenty of tread left, no punctures, rips, or damage. Rotated every 6000 miles.
Brand new Interstate Battery bought last month.
New clutch/flywheel when the head was rebuilt
New engbldr head bolts, timing chain, guides, tensioner, water pump, and related gaskets.
New belts.
Rebuilt/cleaned fuel injectors
Fuel filter
O2 Sensor
Speedo Cable
Muffler (Flowmaster 40 series) and tailpipe
AC and PS tensioner pulley bearings
Cap, rotor, plug wires, plugs
Power Antenna Mast
Changed tranny/transfer/diff oils
Oil changes every 3,000 miles with Castrol GTX and a NAPA Gold or Toyota filter. Doesn't use oil.
Repacked wheel bearings, swapped to manual hubs.
New idler and pitman arms. Aligned.
Rebuilt clutch fan with replacement fluid.
Dual stage Toyota thermostat
Clutch master cylinder
Toytec Add-A-Leafs in the back to cure the sag during camping expeditions. Shackle bushings.
Installed differential breather extensions.

My little black service record notebook I keep in the vehicle will go with it so you can see the date and mileage of all I have done. None of these mods were done because I needed to or the truck broke down - all preventative. I keep my vehicles in good repair and I wanted to make sure everything was up to snuff to reduce the possibility of any issues on trips in the future. I'm sure there is stuff I am forgetting. PM me for more details/my contact info.

$4500. It's getting harder to find one that isn't totally beat up. More pictures and details upon request. Serious inquiries only, please. I'd love to see it go to someone on ExPo who will continue to take care of it and enjoy it as much as I have. Again, I'm in Santa Rosa, CA and would prefer a sale to someone who can come check it out in person.

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Great 4runner. I think that's a bargain! Good luck to you. I have always loved that color combined with the only year Toyota did that graphic scheme on the exterior.


Interior pics. I also do not have the rear headrests - they weren't on there when I bought it. There are also a couple tears on the removable top headliner foam.


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