1986 GMC S-15


^ Yup, definitely. Butter, salt & pepper. We do fish tacos, fish & chips, rolls, etc, etc. Can't go wrong.

Wife's on a trip to Hawaii w/ a friend, so I've had a bit of time to do some wrenching this week.

Started modifying the truss for the upper arm.

Picked up a piece of 3"x3" tube @ .25" wall. Kind of funny buying a big piece and cutting out this little guy.

Fixed* minus the paint

Done and ready to go in,

Started burning these coil/schock towers together.

Fun little project.



4runner day,

This muffler has been sitting on the floor for far too long.
Felt like I was back in Ontario doing this job...

Must be the heat because this is the most rust on the entire truck.

Had to cut in a few pieces but it finally came out.

What a pain.

One size fits #$%@ all...

Like new again

I was about to call it and then I remembered* I stuffed this rag in the cat when wire wheeling the flange. Sure would have run funny if I didn't pull it back apart...

Rather than quit while I was ahead, I decided to try and figure out why the rear hatch wouldn't unlock from the rear with a key.

This took some serious head scratching. One of the brass bits was broken inside of the tumbler...

Ran to the parts store to pick up some parts, this beauty was in the parking lot,

Band-aid fix until I can find another tumbler housing. Works great now.


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I really enjoy your updates. Both the truck projects and the trip reports. Beautiful trout! and the scenery is spectacular. Your area is now on my "visit one day" list

A couple questions;
I am intrigued by your ice fishing reports. No opportunity here in Georgia for that, but it may be an option at our Colorado property. How do you know where to drill a hole and fish? What do you use for bait/lures?

Your tumbler fix, what did you do? It looks like perhaps you ground the pins off?

Thank you again for taking us along on your adventures.

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