1986 GMC S-15


Been out picking a few times,

Couldn't ask for better conditions, some absolute swamp donkeys.

Filling that freezer back up

Picked up a new tool,

Canadian No15 drill, probably from the 30's-50's. Literally pulled this out of a horse stable (horses in it) from an old barn in the boonies.

Took off for a couple of nights

Hooked into 20 or so of these beautiful brook trout the first night,

They were all coming up puking tons of bugs and worms, hungry hippos

We were joking why we even brought food, picked some morels all around the campsite, grabbed a couple puffballs on the side of the road on the drive up and the main course was brookies.

Hard to beat fresh mushrooms fried over a fire in butter w/ salt.

Loaded up the next morning and took off for the fire zone.


On route we stopped at a few of our hunt camps, found this guy chilling. Lots of toads in the mountains but not a lot of tree frogs.

Hit the jackpot of puffballs on the way,

Quite a few of the roads in the burn zone are a complete waste of time trying to clear right now. Literally 50km's of this lays ahead (foreshadowing)

Checking out a new lake for us, caught a couple of small rainbows from shore.

another beautiful lake called "beautiful lake"

Hit some honey holes along the way,

After an hour or so of picking we decided enough for the day, drying them out in the sun for a bit on the rear hatch.

What's for dinner? mushrooms, because there are thousands of them only steps from the camp.

Getting creative without a proper rack to dry these morels

The scenery in the fire areas is so dramatic

Spotted this blonde muley bedded in the rain.

Might just be our luck but every time we stop at this particular spot (twice now) it's always pouring rain.

Took a photo 2 years ago identical to this one, except now everything on the hillside is burnt.

Came across this snowmobile cabin that survived the fire by maybe 20-30'. I can't help but feel someone must have been guarding this structure.



I made the mistake of saying, "oh blue sky, lets go for a paddle" the fair weather didn't last long.

On our way home approx 15km's from asphalt road we decided to bypass a "road closed due to falling debris hazards" sign. This was a mistake...

I thought we might be able to push through and cut a few trees.

After 2 hours we made it roughly 5km. I literally resorted to walking the road with the chain saw and cutting/clearing trees while kicking huge rock/boulders off the road.

Our spirits were low and then we hit this nice little mud slide. At 2-3' thick and chocked full of large sharp rock, it was a stop point for us.
This resulted in a 2 1/2 detour back the way we came and an additional 100kmish of bush roads. Thankful we had the fuel to do it.

We made a point to leave an additional note on the sign "Seriously road closed, we made it 5km, good luck."
At least we went home with some treasures, likely 50lbs + of morels in the bed of the truck.

We've got one more weekend before the wife leaves for a month. After that I have some fairly lofty goals in mind while she is away.


^^^ LOL
I would love to know when it happened because I didn't notice it in the ride at all.

Started on the repairs, started on the pinion seal and quickly spiralled.

Driveshaft had a tiny amount of slop, pulled it out and the rear u-joint felt a bit crusty.

Oh yup, that'll do it...

The front joint had minor play, not nearly as bad as the rears. Can't believe how tight the driveshaft was considering the condition of these needle bearings.

Atleast the driveshaft is straight.

Replaced the pinion yoke with a better used one. My old one had some pretty deep groves in it.

same thing with the slip yoke, the old one (rear of the photo) was super pitted and eating seals.

Ready to go back together with some nice SKF u-joints.

20 mins later and I still have to bang in the pinion seal.

Cleaned out the rear rims at the same time, can't imagine these were terribly well balanced

Diff topped up, t-case topped up and a sip for the trans as well.

Test drive and it's mint again. Wife wanted to go logging, would love to see some other campers stack 4-500lbs of wood like this.

Pulled the front tires and greased the front end this evening. I've got to stop looking at this thing, every time I do something else is broken.
This is the 6th CV in 3 years? Garbage parts. I'm hard on stuff but this is stupid. All the more motivation to finish collecting parts for the axle swap.


New tools thursday.

Pretty well everything I need to set up the diffs aside from a press.

Transfer punches sure are a nice tool to have.

Just like that 5x4.5 to 5x4.75 bolt pattern on the 8.8 axles, only need the final drill size now.

One more big piece of the puzzle for the solid axle swap. Rustys long arm kit for an XJ. There was no way I could justify the new price of this kit plus shipping, duties & taxes. It was over 2k. I picked this up used for 1/4 of the price. After a quick sandblast, some paint and some new bushings, it'll be mint.

The list of parts remaining is getting much smaller.


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Why haven't I thought of new tool Thursday. I normally just do new beer Thursday. Which is good but I generally like tools more.

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New beer day happens on every day that ends in "y"!

Back at it, Cv replaced w/ difficulties.

Helped a buddy fix his pathfinder, towed here with a no start condition.

Muffler rotted out and then puked hot air on the rear harness.

Melted down the rear harness into a nice blob and popped the fuel pump fuse...

Split the harness, taped it up. New muffler, battery & fuses. He's back o the road.
The shop he took it to said the only way to repair was to split the body from the frame....

Started tearing into the long arm set up,

Bushing were shot

Lots of new parts have been flooding in to keep progress going.

Mocking up the fuel tank

New pads and rotors for the 4runner.

Axles drilled for the 5x4.75 bolt pattern

Old/New to me drill press is a champ.

Mocking up the rears. Need to cut down the aluminum spacers to center the caliper, but this 9" kit works mint on the 8.8.


Fronts with new SKF X-Tracker hubs

Out for a Sunday drive

Almost a roller

Started mocking up the 8.8 rear for the '86

Time to start setting up the ARB w/ 4.88s

Remote battery mount for the '84



Helping a buddy fix the breaks on his '49 panel

Bonus* 70lbs of jalapeno cheddar moose smokies.

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