1986 GMC S-15


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Great pictures. I didn't realize the outer layer on a bear is all fat. Makes sense though.

I look forward to hearing how that neoprene tape works out for you.


Great pictures. I didn't realize the outer layer on a bear is all fat. Makes sense though.

I look forward to hearing how that neoprene tape works out for you.
Bears really fatten up for the winter sleep.
Pleased to report the tape works like a hot damn.

Wow! Looks like a very good and successful trip! You'll be eating grouse for a while by the looks of it!
Freezer is filling up with chicken in a hurry!

Grouse days. Hard to see but there are 8 birds in this pic.

Easier to see, there are 8 birds in this pic.

Solo trip

Dry weather and no berries makes bears resourceful



^^That was one of a few of a few different wasps nests I found dug up. You can see yellow jackets on the outside of the hive.

Finishing up the old kc rebuild.

These are awesome kits, as easy as it gets.

Lights before lockers? oh wait, no, that's not how it goes? Does it count if the lockers are on the shelf?

More hares

Another solo trip this weekend,

First light looking for that big buck

First look at an area I used to hunt

All to familiar sight, does w/ fawns, no bucks

Shaggys are popping up everywhere at the moment

Hat trick, all 3 types of grouse. Top to bottom - Dusky - Spruce - Ruffed


Couldn't ask for a nicer weekend. I'm so privileged to be able to hunt this land.

Bumped this cow with a bull at about 50 yards.

No wasted meat with shots like this

Spruce & 2 dusky

Dusky vs ruff

Again wishing I had a bull tag.

4 more days and one of these white tails would have been coming home.

Morning sits

These Dusky's are true bush chicken

No big buck this trip. Filling the freezer a head shot at a time though. These grouse make for some fine meals.


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s to locate the fiberglass skin. This actually took longer than I thought it would, but found a manufacturer practically in my own back yard. http://www.vetroresina.com/?lang=us

After visiting the plant and learning a lot about their various products, I left with some test samples. I can't say enough about how helpful and friendly these people are.

Test Time:
Using a sample of single weave frp and 3/4" foam board, I bonded the components together using high strength epoxy from Soller Composites. http://www.sollercomposites.com/NewSoller/index.html

The result was impressive and encouraging enough to proceed. Super strong lig
This is one of the best threads on expo. Thanks for taking the time to document all of this!
No joke I almost commented this same thing yesterday, easily one of my favorite threads


That must have been a pretty tense feeling....
The first time definitely haha.
I actually really like seeing torn up bridges or bigwashouts/drainage ditches.
Usually they turn around the $50k+ brand new trucks and I can drag this old girl through them.

This is one of the best threads on expo. Thanks for taking the time to document all of this!
No joke I almost commented this same thing yesterday, easily one of my favorite threads
Thanks gentlemen, appreciate the good words.

Couple pics from the most recent outing

Getting cold at night in the hills, -8C or 17f this evening

Couple of nice birds the next morning

Plucking birds than an afternoon nap

Spit roasted bush chicken

Beautiful scenery in this region

Spotted this unicorn immy moose. In another 25 days this is a legal bull.

Watched this guy trying to catch rodents for a bit

Couple more birds in the evening.

Who doesn't love some regular maintenance.

Trans fluid was getting a little burnt... 50k km and a lot of long slow mountain ascents will do that.

To my surprise the pan, filter and magnet all looked great.

Home made trans flush rig. Only reason for the two lines is I wasn't 100% on the direction of flow.

15 liters of Dex VI later and this old 700r4 is good as new.

Heading out for another 3-4 nights tomorrow morning.
If I could connect with a buck soon, then I could get back on track completing some of these projects.


Plans changed, ended up going out for a one-night solo trip

First time seeing snow this season

I'll have to drag the canoe into this little lake soon.

Couple big girls

Saw my first cougar in the bush this night. About a km from where I made camp. Had a nice big fire in hopes of keeping the cats away.

Lasagna dinner

Woke up at first light to a light dusting

Love this time of year.

Afternoon lunch break.

Spotted this bull in full rut

Pics don't do this bypass justice

Truck was properly tipped over entering/exiting

My kind of roads

The rut is definitely on, saw 6 cows and a bull this day.

Brought home a few ruffed grouse. This one had some pretty unique tail feathers

Let this Hen walk away with some small chicks.


Forgot to mention, I saw 2 cougars and 9 moose on the previous trip. Missed a chance at a bear and a huge mule deer buck.

Out with the wife for another night. First real snow of the year.

About 6-8" dropped this day

Spotted this group,

Friggin gorgeous

Camp for the night,

Unreal sunrise the next am,

Lunchbreak again

We unknowingly started a thanksgiving day tradition. A very similar scene from last year.

Some areas of bush out here are almost magical to walk through.

Quick dinner before last light,

This was super neat, I could see the brookies spawning in the shallows. The big males were fighting off all the little ones.
Won't be long and I'll be standing on this lake.

Group of legal white tail does. Passed up a chance at nice 4 point whitey as well.

Last call for the outing

Another day, Out rabbit hunting with a buddy.

It always amazes me how much meat you get from a rabbit, or three in this case.


Last post,

Couple of maintenance items.
I've fallen off the bumper getting out of the truck more times than I care to admit.
So I fabbed up this little grip step that works awesome.

Cut some notches in it for extra traction. This was a safety issue more than anything.
That chrome bumper with a bit of snow was a death trap. Last weekend I fell flat on my back when holding the axe.
An hour or so and some scrap aluminum, it's a huge improvement.

I've been putting this off for almost 3 years now. As soon as I put this muffler on one of the baffles let go.
So for the last 3 years we were subject to this popping tin can noise when the muffler got real hot. You can see my farmer fix (big nut with hose clamps) for the interim in the pic.

Metal is really fun to melt together. Not so much fun to take apart when you are trying to save pieces...

Our skid plate, I mean trailer hitch picked up a bit of damage on the last trip.

Some gentle persuasion and a bit of welding. It's a bit better

Got the wide40's wired up. Stock lights vs kc comparison.

That's it for now.

The camper is working amazing. Couple nights of -10C temps and no issues. The planar heater works almost too good, the lowest setting puts the camper at 23*C when it's -10... Unreal, so warm and dry. Actuators are working awesome and we don't have anymore moisture and sweating issues. Definitely going to be doing some Ice Fishing/Camping trips this winter.
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