1986 Ford E350 4X4

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This is an older truck, living here in Utah. But it is 4x4 and might make a great budget expo truck.

I showed my wife and she laughed, which means she is not interested, SO guess if anyone here is, you can go have a look!

(and the typical no affiliation statement goes here.)

We have a 1986 FORD Type III Ambulance that we wanted to convert to a mobile locksmith vehicle. It is fully functional and running. Needs a paint job on the outside.

It does not fit on our property, so we can't keep it.

We did a full tune-up on it when we bought it. We also put 3 new batteries in it. It passed all safety/emmission tests and registraion is current on it.

You could do so many fun things with this vehicle if you have the space for it, and if you are creative. Can be modified to be used as a mobile work unit of any kind, or a mobile home travel unit! Think outside the box!

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Call or text 801-680-7266 to see!

Body: Truck
Make: Ford
Model: E350 (Ford)
Year: 1986
Mileage: 45000
Number of doors: 5
Exterior condition: 3 Fair
Exterior color: White
Interior condition: 2 Good
Interior color: Brown
Type of engine: 7.5 L
Type of fuel: Gasoline
Type of transmission: Automatic
Drive Train: 4 Wheel Drive
State: UT
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