1986 4x4 ambulance on 35's $6000


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I am looking to sell my project ambulance. I do not have adequate time or location to work on it as I intended unfortunately.

Vehicle: 1986 F350 4x4
Front axle: Dana 60 with manual locking hubs
Rear axle: Sterling 10.25 rear axle.
Transfer case: NP 208 with high and low range
Engine: Ford 7.5L big block with 17K miles on it
EDIT: tires are brand new Goodyear duratrac wranglers on new aluminum wheels

Rear box is all aluminum with factory spray foam insulation on walls and ceiling. I currently have it gutted from all ambulance equipment and loud alum
Interior dimensions are roughly 8.5 long by 6.5 wide by 5.5' with walk through to the cab.

Known issues are an electrical drain I believe to be part of the ignition system. Working to repair this currently

Overall this vehicle is extremely solid, It has never seen winter or salt and is an awesome adventure-mobile candidate. It was formerly a Navy ambulance stationed in Japan and has the paperwork to prove it.

Asking $6000
Please let me know if you have any questions

Thanks for looking

manbulance 2.jpg/ATTACH] manbulance 1.jpg


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Cool rig! My ambulance had a drain in 1-2 days the batteries were dead. I had new batteries, new starter. I started pulling fuses, nothing, then I was going to check relay switches. Turns out it was the diodes in the alternator themselves. Hope this may help. I thought it was the wiring in the back of mine. Are you going to post more pics and interior shots?


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Would love some more images too.

Whats this cruising at on the highway and an estimated MPG? I know these aren't gonna be its strong points, but I'm curious. Thanks!


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What part of the country is this in? If it is nearish by I would be very interested. Also interior shots/underside shots would be great as well.

EDIT: I see the post says Minnesota, so disregard first question.


Based on my buddy's minibus with a 460 I'd bet this rig gets around 9mpg at 70, 10mpg at 55, and 6mpg in town.


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Thanks Jdubucsd for the tip. I was also checking alternator for function and it was not charging. Replacing it tomorrow and Hopefully that will solve the problem!
I will add some pictures of the interior soon. Currently it is bare aluminum frame with insulation. If the rig doesn't sell I will convert it to a fully insulated and sealed camper box with wood sides.


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Let me crawl under the rig and confirm but I believe it is the C6.
I usually just cruise about 65 mph and it does great.
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