1981 G-Wagen camper on eBay


such as ?

If you look at the ebay seller history, a bunch of parts he/she bought are on that rig. It needs work and would require a thorough inspection.


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12k miles on an ex-military rig seems too good to be true, for one thing. Maybe 12k miles since the Europa import/conversion, since they probably installed a US speedo (and the mileages are listed as Miles, not Kilometers)?

Besides, I didn't think Eurpoa dealt with military surplus trucks, but I could be wrong. Weren't they the 'only' importer of new G's before MB made US-spec models?


I dunno. I can find US military vehicles being auctioned off all day long with very low miles. That didn't surprise me...

Joaquin, what seems fishy? I thought it looked legit, but what do I know...


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Mike Hiscox, you know you can't resist...
I dunno; sounds like resistance is perhaps in order.

Besides which--didn't you hear--I've reformed. Probably. (OK, maybe.) :sombrero:

I like that you're thinking of me, though.


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whats odd is, i believe europa quoted me 75 or 85 G for this rig when i inquired a few years ago. the email chain is archived somewhere. if i have time ill find it.

was this truck purchased? the auction is closed.


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yep. april of 2009 it was 85,000 quoted to me.

original ad copy. it was in MS Word, so im not sure how this will turn out here... (nope, pics arnt coming over)

290GD Europa-Gwagen
All Terrain Expedition Vehicle
• Design by Dave Holland, President and CEO of Europa/G.Wagen USA
• Exclusive importer of the Mercedes-Benz G-WAGEN since 1982
• Custom built by Marc Beyer and his technical team at Europa Int'l. Inc.
• Expedition vehicle for Recreation, Survival or Rescue.
• Travel safely and reliably to remote places, even on very rough roads and trails.
• Travel comfortably at highway speeds.
• Enjoy a secure and weatherproof shelter with all of the comforts of home.
• Be totally self-contained and independent of external water or power hookups.
• Visit the world's most remote natural reserves.

Selling Price ~ $135,000 Trades are welcome!
One of a kind ~New ~500 miles


MERCEDES-BENZ 290GD Europa-Gwagen A/T-E/V

~ Europa 290GD ~ Wheel base 3120mm
~ GVWR 3500kg ~ 4 X 4 Lockable
~ Length 5350mm ~ Width 1760mm
~ Height 2570mm ~ Fuel 25 + 10 gal.
~ Drive line; M-B OM603 5 cylinder turbo diesel, 136 hp 380 Nm tq.
4 speed Automatic Transmission with cooler, hi / lo transfer case.
4 WHEEL LOCK center-rear-front differential locks operate on the fly.
4 Coil springs give our “G” 15” articulation with each wheel.
Center of Gravity is approximately 24” from ground 1” forward of mid wheel base.
Disc brakes front Drum rear, 15” alloy wheels with 2 spare roof mounted.
Steel and aluminum body with optional lifting roof.
9000 lb Warn winch in a receiver cradle that connects front and rear including a quick connect power plug. 5 screened sliding windows.
Bench seating opens up into a 40” X 90” sleeping surface.
Sink with drinking water pump and holding tank.
Refrigerator with freezer, Lots of storage and counter top space.
2 removable and storable tables.
Interior lighting and power outlet.
The interior layout can be personalized with ease.

Contact: Russell J. Leabch 505-470-9412 russ@gwagen.com
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