1979 Toyota HJ45 Troopy with Pop Top


Sadly, I have put my Troopy up for auction on Bring a trailer.
Current Bid: $8900
Link to Auction: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1979-toyota-hj45-2/
All the gory details are in the auction but I am happy to give a quick rundown and answer any questions on here. I actually purchased it off ih8mud a few years ago and have been really enjoying it ever since using it for everything from a fishing/camping rig to a daily driver for a bit.
Quick Details:
1979 Toyota HJ45 Troopy with a Trakka pop-top
Aussie rig so RHD and low 1st gear in the H41
With the pop top conversion came a 2nd diesel tank and a water tank with a spigot under the truck.
2H swapped from a Canadian 60 series by the PO.
Clutch done last year, along with a starter rebuild and had the alternator checked and OK'd while it was all apart.
Does have some rust, most notably in the rear cab corners and the rain gutters.
LX seats in the front and benches in the back with seatbelts for 11 of your closest friends.
Here are a few hero shots from trips around the southeast and the full gallery are all on BAT.

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