1979, the intro of the G-wagen. G460 Pics


Come back with us (and Daimler-Benz) to 1979, the year of Sandinistas, Skylab, the Susan B. Anthony dollar and, oh yeah, the Iran Hostage Crisis. Thirty years ago this month, Mercedes introduced the G-class and damn if they haven't been building those boxes ever since. The company has re-released a number of images of the original vehicle, the 460 series. Enjoy.


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OOOOOHHHHHHH WOOOOOOOOOW... Great thread and pics. I never knew they made a LWB 2 DR (akin to a 70ser Troupy/LR 109) that is a thing of beauty.

I've been seeing more and more of these here in Portland. There's an OD green one that's comletely kitted up for a serious EXPO. I swera it's all so professionl looking I thought it was a truck used for a movie or something.

Great post!!!!



Brian McVickers

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I'm not too sure about the "cabrio" version but I can see me and my in-house adventure team in one of these :smiley_drive:

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