1979 Stage 1 my new ride


here she is my new ride, yes it needs paint was thinking either limestone or maybe Muasi Red, the wife likes red. The truck was origionaly Limestone so that is what I am leaning towards. Well I get to go pick her up in a few weeks I can't wait it is like being a kid a christmas.:wings::wings::wings:


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That looks very much like a Swiss Rover I have seen close to Thun, (south of Berne).

(Edit: Looking closer at the pics, I can see the Swiss "Autobahnvignette" and the round green smog sticker. Also the Zebroid plaque with the Flag of Switzerland and Berne as well as the Swiss Land Rover Club emblem on the grill are some giveaways. I guess it really is the stage one I saw over there. Congrats to a nice purchase!)
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Yes the Rover was previously owned by the president of the Swiss Land Rovers Club. He was a vet and raised Zebroids (Zebra/horse cross) hence the grey and black striped paint scheme. the truck was exported from England to the Swiss avalanche patrols then sold to a farmer then to the vet and when he passed away a guy from Canada went over to buy a FFC and when he saw this Stage 1 he couldn't pass on it. So he brought it to Canada and I traded a log house to him for the Rover. So all I have to do now is deliver the house package to him and I get to drive her home (actually it will just go on the truck that is delivering the logs).

I have a picture of a magazine article showing the rover and the Vet i will try to post it.


keep the paint. u know the history behind why its painted like that, its been advertised in mags as one, you might as well keep it that way.


What is the benefit of crossing a zebra with a horse? Do you get some sort of sterile stripped mule?


The paint is great! Plus the truck has history with that paint scheme. If you paint it, it will just be a regular 109.

Keep it.

Wow, trading a house for a rover... that's the first I've heard that one....


Don't change the paint! Way too much story there, it would be like erasing pages out of a history book.


it is a good deal for both parties, he get a house kit that would retail for $35,000.00 for $20,000.00 and I sell a cabin kit and get the Stage 1 109. And best of all my wife never sees any money leaving the bank account for a 33 year old truck. Life is good.:elkgrin:


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I just bought this Rover in Lignum, VA March 8 2020. It is currently in pieces and parts as an abandoned project. Most of the zebroid paint is gone.

I have no idea what I am going to do with this - I just love a Stage One.