1979 F350 4x4 Camper


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I just picked this up last month and am in the process of getting it road/trail ready again. I don't know much about campers, RVs, or expedition vehicles so any information or product recommendations will be greatly appreciated. I am a broke college kid so this is being done on a VERY tight budget.

With no further a due..
1979 F350 69,XXX Miles
C6 auto
HP King Pin Dana 60 front
Built by Vanworks?



Wow! Very cool!

Have you found any ID tags/plates on the camper unit itself?

And that cab-over is HUGE! What is the overall height?


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I have found an ID tag inside the camper but have yet to make all of it out or take a picture of it.
The highest point is just shy of 11'.
And as for the cab over section..... yea :ylsmoke:

(orbs were problably from the dust since I had just pulled up the plywood base for the bed before the picture was taken.)

I will have to get some more pictures since I have done some cleaning and more gutting. Also the roof is all fiberglassed up now.


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I plan on leaving it on the old chassis. I can work on it and its very stout. It will be like a vintage earth roamer.


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very cool find...
you can do alot for free just by cleaning it up and doing cheap prevent-maint stuff.

But if it was me I would work hard to get as much wood & stuff out of there and get the wgt down. Less wgt means less stress on the rig.
Keep us posted on progress.


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I guess it is to late to cut-down that over-hang now that roof is finished?

Be a nice swap for a cummins 12V....


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Ok, so I have gotten some stuff done on the camper, not as much as I would have liked to but progress is being made.

On to the Pictures (I like pictures better than words)

Buffed some stuff. *:eek:

Also found out what this thing is.

CREGER 4x4 built by Champion home builders.

Mine has obviously had some work and modifications done, such as;

-Extra tall cabover (maybe a special order from the rv manufacturer?)
-western wheels
-Sweet paint job (All the ones I have seen online are this red and white color)

I also have done some work on the interior;

-Pulled nasty old carpet out to find semi decent parquet flooring beneath.
-striped damaged 1/4 inch plywood from the cabover/bedroom walls.
-Plugged in the 120v input to find the lights work and water pump makes noise(not sure if it pumps water yet but IT DOES MAKE NOISE! haha)

Thats all for now, so much for just pictures. *
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2007 Expedition Trophy Champion, Overland Certifie
wow that baby is TALL...
love the old school look and style...but she is a big'en

How did it feel on the road?

Now what are your travel plans, build are fun but trip reports are great :)


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It felt ok on the road. Keep in mind the top part of the over head is very light (fiberglass shell, lightweight foam insulation, and 1/4 inch plywood)

I will be driving it home (Maine) from here in Laramie, WY with my girlfriend. Im leaving June 26th. No real plans other than hitting up a concert in west virginia on the 29th.
Did I mention I will be towing my bronco too?