1978 Chinook Newport build for flatbed Chevy


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Hello All,

My name is Matt and this is my first post and thread. I have enjoyed watching builds on this site over the years and have owned a few campers (Wildernest and FlipPac) during the time. I've got lots of drawings and ideas for a completely custom slide on for my flatbed but recently came across a FREE Chinook Newport and couldn't pass up the opportunity. This thread is being started for a few reasons: 1. To document the fun, 2. To gain input from talented builders, 3. To light a fire under my tail to have this usable(but most definitely not complete)by July of this year for my family's road trip.

Thanks to those of you who will be checking in on my journey. View attachment 338801View attachment 338802View attachment 338803View attachment 338801View attachment 338802View attachment 338803




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The Chinook has been completely gutted and will have the bottom fiberglass removed up to the top of the wheel well to create a flat floor. I do have all the windows and the original table and post. Everything else was in poor condition and was tossed.


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The start of leveling.

With no floor, cabinets, or cab aiding in the integrity of the shell, the next step is to try and square up the Chinook and lock it back into shape. Hopefully tomorrow I can level it and cut off the lower section in a straight line. I made a few adjustable sawhorses to help me out.

camper sawhorse #2.jpg
Camper sawhorse.jpg


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Leveling and cut complete

]I was finally able to get some time and level the shell. Originally I thought the ridge on the bottom of the shell was a good body line to base my cut off of but it turned out the ridge just below the windows was better. It ran around the entire shell including the back. The laser level mounted on the tripod along with the adjustable sawhorses made the job fairly easy. Next step is to build the floor.
Chinook Leveling 1.jpg
Chinook Leveling 2.jpg
Chinook Leveling 3.jpg
Chinook Leveling 6.jpg
Chinook Leveling 4.jpg
Chinook Leveling 5.jpg


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Chinook floor

Well, I got a few evenings this week to work on the Chinook floor and got a good start on it. 77" x 98"x 3.75" when finished. Poplar and plywood with DF for blocking in corners and where certain items will be mounted. All screwed and glued. Once the top sheets go on I will drill some holes and fill cavity with spray foam for insulation.

Schinooky #2 small.jpg
Schinooky #1 small.jpg


Bump on the update!
I started a project on one of these years ago. Ran out of time & money, plus ADD kicked in...
This is as far as I got. I'd love to see this go to completion, subscribed.