1977 Yota Chinook Expo (Very Modified) Build


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Hey all, New to these forums, but not new to building rigs. A little Intro: Originally started with a 1997 Landcruiser that got VERY modded for wheeling and road tripping. It was also my first car. 20k miles on just trips on the thing in 12 months. Then sold it Last October to build a buggy. Built the buggy up in five months, and have now just purchased a 77 chinook to turn into a rig similar to the 80. Ultimately decided owning a rig and trailer just to tow my crap wasn't worth it to me. So buggy is for sale, and I am going to start on the new build! Here are some pics of each rig.

Specs: 40s, 3link, built out interior,4in lift, custom bumpers/chopping, and a lot more:

Next is an Ultra4 Buggy I built for go fast fun: (Currently for sale too)

And Now the Yota Chinook! Totally stock. Really clean. Original Interior. Just about rust free:

Onto all my plans! So I am going to keep it 2wd for a while. (Lets be honest.... how many "overlanders" really need their 4wd all that often)

33" or 35" tires (37s If I feel like a lot of work)
15" rims
FF axle in the back (Probably fj80 or dana 60)
Custom +6 LT up front?? (Ya that'll be cool)(Will then match rear 60 width)
Build out interior. (Solar, Hot water, Heater, Stove, Fridge, all the things)
Refresh 20r engine (For now). When I get bigger tires I could go up to a 6.17 gear setup on a 60 to bring it back down to stock ratios even if I choose 37s. But It will be SLOW no matter what, and I think I am totally ok with that. Not like I'm ever in a rush to complete a trip sooner than later!

If engine blows up or I get bored It'll get a 2UZ. That probably pretty far down the road though (We'll see.....)

Um what else.

Cab interior refresh
Baller sounds system (Had a 15in sub in the 80.........Secretly wanna try an 18" out)
Custom Front and rear bumpers.
Bike rack so I can haul 5 Bikes
A ton of other little things that'll get added throughout the build...

I'm excited to say the least. Mods on the camper will start next week so stay tuned

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Thats cool! You gotta roll with a fj80 FF, it's the right thing to do and you know it. How much does it weigh?


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Thats cool! You gotta roll with a fj80 FF, it's the right thing to do and you know it. How much does it weigh?
Thanks Man! It weights like 3400lbs as it sits. And I've heard of guys getting like 18mpg (what I am most excited about). 80 FF is definitely the "right" thing to do. But rear Dana axles are SO cheap.


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Nice condition. A 4wd conversion would be all time. 18 mpg might be a little generous.
I got about 20mpg average on my empty '85 22r manual.

Recommended books for Overlanding