1975 VW Bus Westfalia, built for an Alaska to Argentina Journey


Extraordinary!!! So amazing what a person can accomplish when they set their mind to it!!! Thank you for sharing.


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WOW, seeing that you could have bought any cookie cutter vehicle to make the trip but instead decided to make a vehicle to make the trip I am more than a little impressed. Looks VERY nice!!! Hope you keep this for many years as it is a work of art!
Great job bringing the old bus back to life - better than original. How is the engine temp with the radiator mounted underneath? Any problems with that setup? Rocks, other damage? We had a subie-vanagon for a while and really liked it. I always thought the subie-baywindow would be cool but always wondered about the radiator. Good luck! B


I love ground up builds.. You're making me itch wanting to go to baja. We've been in a deep depression of flatness out east. Where's a hurricane when you need one.

More pics!!! ;) Good idea on the roll cage builder. I'm having trouble finding a welder in florida. I'm thinking of maybe going to a boat bimini top place or a race inspired place like you did for when I build a roof rack.

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I am sure that it was quite frustrating, but you should be very proud of your nice build. It should provide you with years of pleasure.


¡Viva Baja! indeed... such a magical place. Hope you didn't step on any urchins at Pescadero. Also, check out the skatepark there in town if you're still there, serious cojones required for the tea-cup bowl.


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amazing the transformation for the two of you as a couple and for the van....I am sure it was tear you hair out frustrating but the fact that you are on the road now while the rest of us are pounding on a keyboard is the real testament.
Good on you and I hope your trip is everything you hope for.
Enjoy Baja and don't rush, we want plenty more pics :)


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Wow guys thanks for all the great replies. I have a more detailed 13 page thread in the samba if you really want to how long each fix took :). All our updates are on Instagram and our website but I'll try to write something soon for expedition portal. I wish I had more time at all the places I've been so far, we have a deadline to meet the girlfriends parents in Patagonia in January so we are rushing a bit more than I was hoping. Right now then surf is absolutely massive in Puerto Escondido. Had our first sort of break down here with a shredded clutch cable, luckily I had a spare. As far as temps with the radiator, I'm running the fans nearly constantly if there's a large incline I have to turn on the heater. It's definitely not perfect but I keep a close eye on the engine temps through a Bluetooth obd2 adapter and The dash command app.


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Man...you guys have done a TON of work on that thing. Kudos for keeping with it. The end result is enviable....very nice.