1975 712m 6x6 ex-Racing Pnzgauer aka The Warn Pinz


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1975 712m Austrian Pinzgauer

-4cyl. air cooled motor
-ZF 5spd trans,
-true 6x6
-shift on the fly 4wd and front & rear lockers
-portal axles
-central backbone tube chassis

Located in Jackson, Wyoming.
Price: $18,000 firm

I originally bought this truck in 2002 and received it in 2003. This truck was imported to the USA in 2000 by Sean at Eurotruck Importers. The truck had been neglected for a lot of years before I got it. I started fixing up the truck right after I got it in 2003 and did a lot of work to it. I then sold the truck locally here in Wyoming in 2005. About a month ago I bought the truck back from the guy I sold it to here locally. I bought the truck with the intention of having some fun with it and then re-selling. Since I purchased the truck in 2002 it has only had 3,000 miles put on it. Approx 2500 of that was put on it by me and the other 500 put on by the guy I sold it to. This is documented. Needless to say the guy I sold it to and bought it back from did not use the truck much at all.

This truck is very rich in history that is very well documented. It was originally an Austrian Pinzgauer and was originally tan in color which is a very rare color for a Pinz. In 1993 Warn Industries and Mike Warn put in an order to Taubenreuther in Austria ( a partner/supplier of Warns) to find Mike a 6x6 Pinz for use in the 1994 Transylvania Trophy which at the time was a Warn Industries sponsored event. These days the Trans Trophy is known as the Croatia Trophy. Peter Taubenreuther and his partner found the Warn PInz in Hungary at a hunting farm, brought it back to Austria and made it into the Warn Pinzgauer. Mike then drove it in the 94 Warn Transylvania Trophy. After the race the truck could not be imported to the USA since it was not 25yrs old yet so Mike sold it and in 1995 it competed in the 95 Warn Morocco Trophy. After this it went with Vince Cobley to the UK where it was used in other events, as far as I know mostly as a service vehicle. As mentioned above, in 2000 it was imported to the USA. Right after import it went to a guy in Indiana who had it a year or two but didn't do anything with it. That is when I came into the picture and purchased the truck.

For the event in 94 the truck was given the Warn paint scheme, outfitted with the exo-cage which has a snorkel built into it, fitted with 6 Recaro seats, Zarges cargo boxes, a cab back with sliding rear window, treadwall rear floor insert, BN4 gas fired heater, Warn driving lights (now vintage!) and front + rear winches. The truck no longer has winches but everything else is present. Beyond this I am not real sure what was done to the truck as the build log on it is in Austrian! The video does give some insight though and the truck as I mention can be seen in the video a bunch of times.

I doubt you will find a Pinzgauer anywhere with this kind of history that is as well documented as the Warn Pinz. Due to it's history and documentation I feel it is one of a kind. I love this truck, I really do! It is a blast to drive and the history makes it super cool to me, not to mention the cool factor of the 6x6. But this truck is not for me, I have a crazy build up going on for my truck that suits me best.

I did aid Warn in a write up on the truck in 2011 and also proved pictures for the article. Peter Taubenreuther comments at the bottom of the article backing up what I say about this truck.


I am in no hurry to sell and my price is firm. I enjoy using, playing with and working on the truck. It has never been restored or re-furbished as far as I know other than the work performed by Taubenreuther and myself and perhaps a few other owners just doing repairs and maintenance. This truck deserves a good home and is best suited for an enthusiast.

Below is all the good stuff and I will just post receipts for the work I had performed in 2004. Additional parts and work was performed by myself in 2004 including a new clutch, TD tail lights, mud flaps, ect ect ect. The pictures should do most of the talking when it comes to condition of the truck and work it has received since 2003 when I acquired the truck. I will list what the truck needs in terms of repairs or any issues it has. I am not interested in any trades, I don't need any more trucks. I was just offered a 1988 JDM 12-HT high roof Cruiser in trade in great condition and I am not really even all that interested in that.

The truck comes with spare parts, a build log in Austrian from 1994, a factory repair manual, factory parts book, owners manual in Austrian and the original video of the 1994 Trans Trophy. In the video the Pinz is featured numerous times along with Mike driving it.

The truck has:
-x7 33x10.5 Interco Bogger tires
-x6 Rancho 9000 adjustable shocks
-x2 TD PInz yellow stripe HD coil springs in front
-VDO tach
-Petronix ignition kit
-Magnaflow muffler and good tail pipe back from that, exits all the way back unlike the stock set up and we dumped the heater exchanger junk
-fully functioning snorkel built into the exo-cage
-new LHS window channel
-freshly rebuilt fuel pump, NOS kit from SAV
-replaced clutch in 2004, NOS
-brake drums and shoes all replaced in 2004
-x2 t-case input seals
-dog house (shifter mechanism) on 5spd trans rebuilt with new seals
-x2 new batteries
-recently rebuilt carbs, no proof though as it was done by PO right before I bought the truck
-new MAN oil filter and 30w non-detergent engine oil as specified by Steyr
-t-case, axles and portal boxes new gear oil
-propeller shaft was replaced in 2004 and it is still like new.
-TD tail lights and rear mud flaps installed in 2004
-x2 brand new door stops
-new MAN air filter
-new MAN fuel filter
-safety glass in one of the front split windshields, the other is a Benz and I don't know if it is safety glass.
-x2 new front one-piece axle boots in front, installed in 2004
-x4 new limiting straps, installed in 2004
-new steering damper, I think it is a Rancho
-all new ball joints in 2004
-new oil pan gasket, painted oil pan with Rust Bullet
and much much more!

Spare parts I have on hand are; these are all factory parts:
-new Ex-Swiss cab. This was cut about two feet behind the cab but all it needs is to be welded to the Warn Pinz bed.
-x2 one piece axle boots
-trans shifter rebuild kit
-all gaskets and seals for the fuel tank to stop fuel leaks


These were taken 7-13-13 & 8-17-13.

To be continued!


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The build log!!

Receipts from 2004 and very recent ones!

Vince Colbey and the Warn Pinz in the 90's!

Warn Pinz in FourWheeler magazine in the mid-90s!

Original Warn VHS video of the 94 Transylvania Trophy!

New ex-Swiss cab!

I got a verbal quote from a buddy who owns a restoration shop to restore the body with the new cab, new paint back to the Warn scheme for $4,000.

Here is what the Pinz needs right now, I am working on this every week.

-Rust and rot in cab, it stops at the trans access cover. The bed is very clean with only a few small surface rust spots.
-one new front limiting strap fixed, installed new for both fronts
-brakes adjusted, pulls to left under hard braking fixed
-e-brake needs repair, could be minor or major, have no checked it out yet
-some small electric issues, pm me for more details rather than me blah'ing on about it here
-fuel tank leaks when topped to the rim, I have the gaskets to fix this fixed, see below
-slight exhaust leak at the #1 manifold, cheap and easy to fix and will likely be fixed soon fixed, see below
-two rear axle boots are cracked, I siliconed them for a temp fix, new one-piece boots in hand fixed, see below
-wiper motor not working, it has power. Armature seems out of alignment and it is dirty, I may be able to fix this
-BN4 heater needs work, no idea if it is an easy fix as I have not messed with it yet, currently it is not working
-steering box is a touch sloppy, SAV has a complete rebuild kit for under $300
-the canvas is 38yrs old, I replaced the windows in it and the shock cord in 2004. It could use some new hardware.

As mentioned, I am not desperate to sell this truck. I am using it every other weekend for fun and working on it the other weekends. As I do repairs and sink more money into the truck the price may come up!!

ALL parts are available via SAV (Swiss Army Vehicles) http://www.pinzgauer.com/parts.php?cat=pinzgauer&id=sub

I have a file with over 1,000 pictures from the time I have owned this truck! PM me for more pictures, details, info or whatever.

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This would have been a nice addition to North West Mogfest. I sure wish I was ready for a purchase like this. I have to wait for a "K" though. Good luck, I know it will sell.


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This would have been a nice addition to North West Mogfest. I sure wish I was ready for a purchase like this. I have to wait for a "K" though. Good luck, I know it will sell.
Thank you sir.

I really really want to see this truck go to the right person, aka an enthusiast. If some person just wants a Pinz, I don't think this is the truck for them, a ex-Swiss plain jane stocker would suit them better IMHO. This truck deserves to be restored and refurbished. It is that rich in history and that cool.

If you know any Mog, Pinz or Volvo enthusiasts who can do this truck right and give it a good home please pass this ad on to them. Again, I am in no hurry and plan to play with it more before summer is done.



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This evening I purchased over $1500 in parts from SAV and I also purchased a new 33" Bogger. The front tires are getting worn down. So I am using the spare (never been on the ground) + new tire for two new front tires. One of the fronts will be used as the spare after this.

Once I complete all this work plus the install the parts listed above the price will likely go up. :)



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If you haven't already, list it on ksl, also see if you can list it on RME.
Thanks for the tip! I sold my 84 v8 FJ60 Cruiser on KSL in April of 2012, I like KSL! Working up to that in a month or two (and possibly Ebay or whatever), right now just listing it on some forums to see if any enthusiasts out there are interested in the truck. I am in no hurry...



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The truck received much love the last two weeks.

-x4 new exhaust manifold gaskets and centering rings.
-all four rear axle boots replaced with one-piece factory boots. New o-rings too.
-front RHS brake fully rebuilt, all of it new besides the wheel cylinder.
-trans shifter linkage fully rebuilt, new seals in the shifter dog house on the trans. No leaks, shifts tight and smooth.
-t-case input seals in and after 100 miles, no more leak.
-brakes just all bled, new fluid in the whole system.
-fuel tank dropped out of truck, disassembled, sand blasted, painted with Rust Bullet, new gaskets (tank & body to filler hose + cap), hoses (between tanks & filler), drain plug/copper ring and vent + fuel line. Inside tank was inspected and is like new. No rust, corrosion or bad coating visible. In fact there is no coating inside it, just clean steel.
-two new 33" Boggers in front. I purchased a new tire, rotated in the new spare and mounted up an old front for the spare.
-new oil breather hoses in the engine bay. New o-ring on dip stick, new gasket on oil filler cap. All new fuel line in engine bay. New crab to air intake rubber seals.
-8x new special bolts for floor pans.
-new window channel on RHS, now both RHS and LHS are new. New rubber bumps for the sliding glass.
-new NOS trans access cover in bed, painted black with Rust Bullet.
-new drain and fill plugs in trans plus new copper sealing rings for the plugs.
-two brand new rear shock/limiting strap bolts, all four coated with anti-seize when installed while doing axle boots.
-two new front limiting straps.
-fully rebuilt fuel pump.
-x2 new swivel ball seals.
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Video of me driving the truck last weekend so you can see how she goes....

I have another load of parts in route to me now. Basically I am getting this truck up to par and my standards as far as good working usable mechanical condition.

-New NOS wiper motor
-x6 Doetsch shocks
-NOS sealed military distributor cap & new rotor
-steering box rebuild kit
-new spark plugs
-dizzy & coil wires
-dizzy seal/o-rings
-English owners manual

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Pictures detailing some of the recent work and more on the condition of the truck.

New axle boots on all four rear axles. These are the new style factory boots, now black and no longer yellow.

new Boggers in front, one trip on them.

Dizzy re-furbish in the works, new military cap, rotor and sealing o-ring.

One of many new fuel tank parts, this being the filler hose.

brand new limiting straps in front

under carriage detail

new Doetsch shocks

the now "new" spare, old front mounted up

new t-case input seals, both of them. No more leaks.

new trans access cover

bed without treadwall insert

Only rust I see in the bed is here

There is one bent bow in the soft top frame, this is available from SAV new for about $100.

These are the RHS guards around the fuel tank, like new with no rust. Recently sand blasted and painted with Rust Bullet.

These are the LHS guards around the tool/battery boxes. They are rotten and pretty much trashed. New ones can be bought from SAV for about $100 each.



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I decided to tackle a few more things...

-Full e-brake rebuild, all of it, levers, pins, bolts, bushings, pads, disc, cable, ect ect.
-rearmost axle witches hat rebuild. The witches hat is the locker assembly. New bearing, seal, o-rings and springs for the hydraulic locker. New locker light switch in the axle too.
-rearmost axle portal box (wheel drive) rebuild. All new bearings and seals.
-new brake springs and related hardware at several axles.
-new diff breather kits for both rear axles. Front already has one.
-new military plug wires.
-new condenser to finish off the dizzy rebuild. So the ignition now has new military cap, new rotor (have a new spare too), new condenser, new lubricating wick, new plugs and new military wires. Petronix in the dizzy still in good shape and was installed in 2004. Dizzy shaft got a new o-ring and lot's of anti-seize.
-rearmost axle seal/wiper, stop ring, o-rings and ball cups. This is for where the axle exits the diff center and is behind the new axle boots.
-Redline MT90 in the trans.

Will post pictures of this work and receipts soon. All spare parts included, many of them are fine and ready to use if needed.

I just bought a rivet gun. So soon I will be tidying up the canvas a bit. A Pinz owner offered to digitize the old Warn Trans Trophy VHS for me so I will probably do that too.

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Impressive list of work completed - was the rear most axle worse than the other rear axle?

Also - I thought when a pertronix ignition module was installed it required the removal (or disconnection at least) of the condensor??? Its been too many years since I installed one to remember - just made me think...

Thanks for the all the updates here and on the www.real4x4.com forum as well.

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