1973 K10 Wilderness Camper Budget Build


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looks good, but I'm not sure if you should be carrying passengers in that rear seat. Might not be safe, y'know...:coffeedrink:

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I like it! :elkgrin:

I like those early years with the engine size displayed in the grill. I saw one that actually said 400 awhile back--kind of rare.

Let's see inside the camper :bike_rider:


hey there, great to seen another K-series truck in here! they are great trucks. i suggest you take a look at http://www.offroaddesign.com they have some great stuff for our trucks. i am running there rear shackle flip and HD shackle on my truck. and i would love to get there high steer kit. PS if your looking for a cool paint scheme for the flat back do the details like diff covers, U-joints, ect in Desert Tan. it looks ************



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Nice looking truck.
I highly suggest investing in the steering box gusset kit. You can buy them from either the originator, Autofab.com or from off road design.
I like it! :elkgrin:

I like those early years with the engine size displayed in the grill. I saw one that actually said 400 awhile back--kind of rare.

Let's see inside the camper :bike_rider:
My '79 Sub's grill has the "400" badge. Too bad the P-PO's replaced it with a Target-trash.


Ok, so I ran out of time while posting the original post..
Here are the details.
1973 K10 Short Bed Pickup
350 V8, TH350, 205 TC.
Stock axles with 4" ProComp lift kit.
Twin Saddle Tanks total +-40 gallons
35x12.5 Goodyear Wrangler MT tires mounted on ******** Cepek DC1 15x10s

The truck was painted with a roller and RUSTOLEUM...
I did say BUDGET!

Here are the stages...
Hood replaced..

Both front Fenders...

First Coats, thinned 50% with Mineral Spirits and applied with a foam Roller...

Orange peel is your friend!

Driving it between coats..



The Camper shell was snapped up fror free locally, and its a Callen..
I am told it came off a Ford, thats why its too long and wide by a couple of inches, but who cares!
Here is a pic taken the day I got it, but still had the tailgate on..

Double doors!!!

The Callen Shells are built tough out of steel tube..
Got these pics from their website..


The shell is bare at this time and I am lurking here looking for ideas...
I am thinking about ripping off the skin and recovering it with flat sanded aluminum sheet... but budget wont permit yet..
Basic plan is Hurculiner the truck bed and then add a Carpeted plywood floor(Removable). Bed will be mounted high and will fold/slide when not in use.
Extra batteries, a vent fan, and lighting and water pump circuits are planned.

I think we have about $1000 into it so far.
The truck interior is being worked on now... Bench seat is gone, replaced by 2 Black Leather Bucket seats(Heated:wings:) and I am buillding a custom center console that has a bunch of cool features. Original roof liner was recovered and the Dash replaced, new Black carpet with over mats.

Front and rear bumpers are in progress and are modded smittybilt tube bumpers that will have tow points and hitch points(Removable winch) both ends. Extra lights at the front and a rear mounted swinging spare tire/water/gas/can basket. Rear will have mounting points for a Cooking table/gas range.
More progress and Pics coming..
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Automotive ADHD is fun!
Very nice. Love the $50 paint job - I've been trying to work up the nerve to do that on my Jeep, but I think I will start by doing it on my old D100.

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I read an article in Hot Rod magazine about them painting a 62 Ford Falcon with Rustoleum, good to see someone that tried it and had excellent results, never would have guessed it looking at your truck. :Wow1: That is one fine looking truck.


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Sweet budget project. I love seeing someone use a little elbow grease instead of the checkbook!


My original plan was to make bed rails that bridge the shelf where the shell sits on the bed with three 4x2's and add stringers between. I have a matress from a folding bed I was gonna use. I am 6'4" so not sure how that will work!
I may go with some sort of fold up frame that becomes a dinette when not a bed... I am juggling it in my mind now!
Was thinking about making a small cabinet that holds 2 x 5 gallon cans(1 fresh and one grey) in the base with pump, with a sink unit above. The unit is dropped in and can be removed as a unit.