1971 Land Rover Series IIA "Ralph"


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Between the disease I have that prohibits me from keeping a car anything longer than one year, and my yearing for a more modern vehicle, I'm reluctantly putting my Land Rover 109 "Ralph" up for sale

I'm asking $10,500 or if you have something interesting to trade with the same value, let me know.

I'll also offer $100 CASH to anyone who refers me to a buyer who purchases the vehicle.

You can view the details here:


and the eBay Auction here. [link]

The frame is 100% rust free, as is the bulkhead. There's a tiny amount of surface rust in the images, but nothing structural, but I've taken care of that with a rust converter.

SIII synchromesh gearbox that shifts well., fairey overdrive (great shape)

Parabolic springs with OME shocks.

Rochester carb makes the recently rebuild 2.25 petrol move briskly. At lower elevations the 109 will do 65-70 on the highway.

Lots of recent work done to the vehicle. New front brakes, etc...

$1500 in spare parts included (complete brake job, all window channel etc.)

93k miles which I believe to be original, registered in AZ.

Right Hand Drive

Please consider that this is a 41 year old vehicle that has been imported from overseas. It is not a new Range Rover, you can not drive it like one. I do daily drive this vehicle with minimal issues, remember this is a vehicle that you need to regularly check fluids and maintain—if you do so, it will last for ever.

The vehicles paint is faded from years spent in the desert. However, most people who see the vehicle consider that it's strongest trait—the patina is beautiful, and when combined with the vintage graphics create a unique truck. With relatively little work, this could be a 20k+ vehicle as you frequently see them sell for on here. It's not perfect, because it's a 109, the brakes are impossible to bleed and require a pump, the steering is good, and the vehicle tracks straight. I've also installed a trick iPod/iPhone-only waterproof stereo.

The body is relatively straight for a 41 year old vehicle. a little dent on the drivers rear, but other than that, it's in great shape. The Station Wagon interior was removed at some point to mimic the more utilitarian models, I have a few pieces that I have tracked down. It could use a headliner.

It's a beautiful truck that gets looks everywhere it goes.

more detailed photos here.

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Would you consider a low mile/well maintained 2008 toyota in trade?

It's a tan corolla ;)


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I wonder what the owner did to it to add $4.5k in value? Tdi swap maybe?
maybe it just appreciated. more people cam afford toys now than 2 years ago.

my d110nas went from 60,000 in 12 to being sold for 90000 after spending 2 years by ocean. all that was upgraded was the surface rust.