1968 Kaiser M35 Command Center on Ebay


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Looks nice !

17Kmile, 1968 Kaiser Jeep, 2.5 ton, 6 X 6, Mobile Command Center.

As you can see from the photos, it is awesome looking!

It has 10 new, Good Year, 10 ply tires (cost $350.00 each). It has a huge, PTO driven wench, a Hi-Lo gear Range and 3, Rockwell Drive Axles.

It is self contained. Has a toilet, a lavatory, a good working Generator, interior fluorescent & exterior field lights, a Rooftop AC, a Propane Fridge, a Propane Heater, a built in desk, & a 42" Samsung LCD.

Truck is powered by a German Spec'd, American built, multi-fuel engine. Runs great on modern diesel.

It starts instantly. Sounds awesome! . Purchased from the State of Utah.

We restored the exterior paint & trim. I had the bench seats re-done in grey leather.

Just took a trip from Houston , TX to St. Louis, MO and it rode great, no issues, just replaced belts. Great Truck for any purpose.

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