1966 Travelall Ambulance Adventure Machine


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Don't have much to update. I ended up moving again this last July and went from big shop to two car garage and a storage unit. Also went with out internet from July to December, the local public library had its circulation increased.:coffeedrink: Figured out my AAM 9.25 front axle just won't work with the stock leaf spring setup but a front GM Dana 60 will almost be bolt in as would a 78-79 Ford front Dana 60. The Ford 60's are a little pricey and harder to find than the GM ones. The upside to a Ford 60 is I wouldn't have a front driveline on the passenger side so I could run a big exhaust easier with my Cummins. Probably going to run a GM Dana 60 and limit my exhaust to 4". I know the first gen Dodge Cummins had the 60 in front with the passenger drop and you can fit a 4" pipe by them, not as easy but its possible. I am going to go look at a GM Dana 60 front/70 rear from a '78 dually this weekend. I keep looking for CUVCV axles because they would already be geared with 4.56 gears and the rear would have a Detroit but they seem hard to come by now compared to a few years ago, at least I haven't seen any local I can afford. I should just wait until I find some though because it would save lots of time and money.

The other thing I found out is the NV271 transfercase and 66 T-all frame width don't seem too compatible. The NV271 transfercase is really wide compared to an old school NP205. I already have a NV4500 4x4 trans from a Cummins that needs gone through. I also have a GM NP205 from a 91 Crewcab which is a right hand drop and round 6 bolt, 32 spline input. I will just replace the output shaft in the trans with a 32 spline output shaft from a GM NV4500. So the current plan is to run some type of Cummins 5.9, NV4500 trans, NP205 transfercase, and GM front and rear axles.

I am currently trying to make a possible career or job change too so I can have more time to do "my" stuff. Working 6 days a week 9+ hours a day so you can have a 40 hour paycheck cuts into my fun time, don't be a flat rate auto repair tech. I hope to have a rolling chassis by late spring, for incentive I unloaded it right in the driveway so the wife was less than pleased.:sombrero: I did tell her I needed help running the winch unloading it and she decided to go out with her friend instead that afternoon so I snuck it in.:bike_rider:


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I hope you can get back on this. I moved from my house with a big back yard and a 28X30 shop to a bigger house and a very small yard.......... I do have my own 1 car garage tho! :)


It's really nice that you moved this rig so close to me. I won't have to go far when you finally finish it and sell it to me. (Don't rush though, funds are a little tight at the moment)

Seriously. I love this rig. The extended body and raised roof give it loads of personality. Reminds me of the Duke's "War Wagon"

Of all the rigs which have come and gone from my fleet, the only one I truly miss is the 1966 crew cab 4x4 international.


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Nice try, but I've been trying to buy this from him since he first got it. It needs to be brought back to Nevada where it started out as a service vehicle. :ylsmoke:


I know this truck! Rode in the back to several Big 12 rugby games all over Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma in the mid 1990's.