1947 Willys CJ2A Resto-mod


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Year: 1947
Make: Willys
Model: CJ2a
Motor: 1952 F-head (swapped in)
Trans: T90
Tcase: D18
Axles: Stock

Mods completed:
1. Engine swap
2. Front disc brakes
3. 12v conversion
4. rewire
5. Cheap, rust-preventative paint job
6. new lollipop hinges
7. Custom rear rack build for tire and can carrier.

Mods planned
1. Roll protection
2. Rear disc brakes
3. canvas soft top
4. Re-boot of aluminum hardtop for winter runs
5. Axe/Shovel storage
6. Rear seat install
7. Seatbelt install
8. Winch/winch mount install
9. Aux offroad light install
10. LED rock/under-carriage light install.
11. Front/rear locker (lockright?)

I had created another thread in 2016, but that one seems to be "un-findable" at this point. Not sure what happened.

The day we brought her home. quite a few different colors represented
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