16 US States and 4 Canadian Provinces. (Banff NP and Jasper NP), July 2022


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6/30/2022. 30 minutes drive from Regina, Saskatchewan.

Fatal Accident on SK-33 West in Saskatchewan. Dead bodies burning in fire.

Fatal accident today on the road. Driving on SK-33 West in Saskatchewan we suddenly saw a lot of smoke ahead of us and were wondering what was burning. We came up to a long line of parked cars. I got out to inquire and found out it was a fatal accident that just happened about 30 minutes before we got there.

Head on collision between a car and a semi truck. Dead bodies burning in both vehicles, they told us.

Because of the accident, no through traffic would be allowed until the accudent scene has been cleared of all dead bodies and an investigation into the accident done. They directed us to a detour and all cars started making a uturn.

God bless the souls who lost their lives in the accident. Be safe out there driving during this holiday season.

Detour road to bypass the fatal accident

View of scene of accident from detour road
this always blows my mind....
have you ever seen better visibility or straighter roads or clearer sky.
someone must have dodged a gopher....

yes condolences to the families involved but ****** happened
Leaving Moose Jaw, SK yesterday, I was very low on gas but decided not to get very expensive gas in Moose Jaw. So, I decided to drive my hybrid as efficient as possible to push it to get the maximum miles it can get me until I meet the cheapest gas station. Well, as I was running out of gas, I exited and found the only gas station which was a Co-op Cardlock!

Sadly, it is a membership only gas station and no attendant was on site. So, I could not get gas and felt stranded since I basically had zero gas at that point to take me anywhere else. Luckily, this elderly couple were there and immediately noticed our distress and approached us.

They asked us if we had cash and they would put gas into our car and we can repay them back. We had only US dollars. They said that is ok.

I asked them to put just enough that I know will take me into Alberta, which has cheaper gas.

While putting gas into our car, the wife started getting to know us and asked what we did for a living and also talked about them. They are retired and take care of the cemetery in their neighborhood. The husband mows the cemetery while she makes sure it is always clean and beautiful with flowers.

When done with our gas, we thanked them and were back on the road.
The coop gas station

The couple who helped us with gas

As we crossed the provincial state line into Alberta, we saw a gas station with what we saw is the cheapest gas price in Canada. So, I pulled over and went in for gas, though I still had enough. But we filled up since this is the cheapest price of gas in Canada. I converted this to US price and ($1.76 per litre of gas Canadian) is equal to $5.21 a gallon in US dollars.

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Left Heritage Park and went to Prince Island's Park to walk around and see the Peace Bridge. This did not last long as a torrential rain came through and we had to run to the car and left the park.

We had planned to go visit the Tower after that, but because it was raining very hard, we just drove past it and went for dinner. Called it a night.
I just got a picture of the Tower as we drove by it.
For those who love the series Heartland and have no idea where EXACTLY they shoot the series, we went on an adventure today to find out as much information as possible to find as many shooting locations as possible. We were lucky to find the actual ranch where they shoot the series. And many other locations where they do the shootings like the race track, church and Maggie's diner.

We left Calgary and drove to Millarville to a small store. The very helpful lady told us the series did shoot some scenes in that store and a mechanic shop across from the store. They even have a picture of the cast in the store and so we took a picture of the picture.

The lady at the store then described to us exactly how to get to the ranch. So we went driving under torrential downpour of rain on a very rough road. So we went offroading with my Accord and we were happy to find the ranch at the end of the dead end of 288 Street! So, for those who wanted to know the exact location of the ranch where most of the ranch shooting is done, this is it! It is on private property and they ask you to respect the No Trespassing sign. We took pictures, looked around and were on our merry way offroading on the very rough gravel road.

Next stop was visiting the race track where they do the horse races.

Then the church where they do the weddings in the series.

After this, it was time to take a long drive to High River where a lot of the series is shot at Maggie's diner.

When done, it was time to take a long 1.5 hours drive back to the hotel after a very successful day of adventure.


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You are seing the best of Canada,,,, High River was the site of the worst flood ever in Canada 5? years ago. But I must say, shopping for cheap gas whenyou get 50mpg is crazy.... keep it at least over half full ALWAYS.

Ian Tyson Country, Canada BEST......

I find this part of Aberta incredible at sunset.... even better in the winter.
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We had a great time riding the gandola.

Short hike at the top of the gandola

There are 2 fancy restaurants at the top of the gandola. One is a buffet which cost $38. Pictured below.

The other restaurant is a very fancy Sky Bistro with very fancy prices where we got some dessert and a glass of wine each.

After that it was time to get back on the gandola for a ride back down under heavy downpour of rain.
Places we visited today.
Norquay Outlook where we saw a bear eating by roadside.

Fairmont Banff Springs

Lake Minnewanka

We went to drive the Bow Valley Parkway to go to Johnson Canyon. Too bad Johnson Canyon was too full, so we could not do that.

So, we drove back to Banff to go to Surprise corner and Bow Valley Falls.
Surprise Corner

View of Fairmont Hotel from Surprise Corner. Make sure to go here for this unique view.

Bow Falls

It was time to go walking now on Banff Avenue.
Banff Avenue. Everyone must take this picture when you go to Banff.

When in Banff, stand in line for like an hour to get ice cream from here.
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Todd n Natalie

Fantastic trip! Glad you are enjoying Alberta. If it's not on your agenda already, I suggest the drive on hwy 40 since you are so close to it.

Also, since you're nearby to Cochrane, you must stop for an Ice Cream at McKay's!



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Fantastic trip! Glad you are enjoying Alberta. If it's not on your agenda already, I suggest the drive on hwy 40 since you are so close to it.

Also, since you're nearby to Cochrane, you must stop for an Ice Cream at McKay's!

👍🏻 Definitely! Great advice.

I’d also suggest that drive, south through the lovely, less traveled Kananaskis Country and especially to visit Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.

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