1400lb UCF Flexiride torsion axles


I bought these half-axles for a off-road camper project that I am giving up on (for now). Family is expanding and I have no bandwidth to deal with a project of this magnitude.


I ordered these direct in May 2017 from Universal Group (the mfr) in New Jersey. Paid $317 including shipping. They are the 1400lb capacity ones with EZ lube hubs. Part numbers are as follows:

FF-140 B-2A : 1400lb axle with 5x4.5 hubs and 6.5" flange
FS30-6 - Mounting plates for 1400lb axle.

Brake flange for drums are included in the spindle as well.

I would like $200+shipping. All the parts weigh 52lbs together so it might make sense to split into two USPS large flat rate boxes ($19 each so $38 total). I priced out the box it came in and UPS website said $107 for ground shipping, however I will get a more accurate quote if you send your address/zip code. Local pickup in the Metro Detroit area is ok too.


Here is some more info:

Before I ordered I had a lengthy conversation with one of their application engineers. He seemed like an experienced guy and made a lot of sense. He told me that torsion axles perform best when loaded to 80% -100% of their rated capacity in terms of their ability to soak up bumps and provide a smooth ride. I wanted to go with 2000lb axles despite my estimate for weight being 1100lbs, just in keeping with conventional wisdom for an off-road trailer, but he advised me not to. Being concerned with hub/bearing strength of the 1400lb ones, he said the spindles are exactly the same between the two. and that the 1400s just have a bit less rubber in them to make them ride softer. He also sent me CAD for these which I can pass on to the buyer if interested.

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The big advantage of these axles is that the starting angle is adjustable in 6 deg. increments (torsion bar is splined). The second big advantage is you can carry an entire half-axle as a spare if one fails in the field for any reason. Each half axle with rubber torsion beam, trailing arm, and EZ-lube hub weighs only 25lbs.

Mounting dimensions are attached. Nearly everything you need to know about trailer suspension is here:http://www.theuniversalgroup.com/flexiride/flexiride-technical-library/

These axles are being used on Turtleback off-road trailers and some others that I'm not recalling at the moment.