'14 4Runner Trail Edition Premium - KDSS - Lifted, sliders, dual battery, etc


What a vehicle! We’ve had so much fun outfitting and driving this 4Runner.

It has run easy stuff around Moab (White Rim Trail, Fins 'n Things, Lockhart Basin), taken some great tracks in Death Valley (Dedeckera Canyon, Steele Pass, Lippincott) as well as a bunch of exploring in the Cascades and Central and Eastern Oregon. Upon coming home it has always been meticulously detailed. Ask my neighbors; they think I’m crazy.

The 4Runner is in perfect mechanical shape, and in very good cosmetic shape.

$36,000 — This is a couple thousand over the blue book value, which I think is fair given the equipment on this rig. (Please don't make me add up what I spent!)

2016+ VW Golf R
2016+ VW GTI
100 series Landcruiser
2017+ Husky 701 Enduro
Landrover L4 (if it has remaining warranty!)
Other German manual transmission vehicle

42,XXX. Used around town some, but most of the time used on the highway and dirt roads. Will go up a bit, but no big trips planned for the moment.

Portland, Oregon. Happy to facilitate a fly and drive.

Mechanical imperfections

Have “full service records” which consist of:
  • 5,000 mile service (tire rotation)
  • 10,000 mile service (oil + tire rotation)
  • 15,000 mile service (tire rotation)
  • 20,000 mile service (oil + tire rotation)
  • 25,000 mile service (tire rotation)
  • 30,000 mile service (oil + tire rotation)
  • new tires at 35,XXX (didn't need tires, just wanted a change)
  • 40,000 mile service (oil + tire rotation)
  • lift install
  • a few professional details

Cosmetic imperfections
No dents or dings, but it does have a few flaws, consistent with use as an off-road vehicle.
  • A few pinstripes on the black plastic A-pillar
  • Few rock chips on front fascia / hood
  • One scratch on hatch
  • Scuffed interior plastic in cargo area, driver’s seat
  • Scrape on the bottom left of the bumper. (Could have used some more departure angle.) Not visible unless you're down low.
  • Scratch on right of bumper. Visible, but not horrible.

That the paint on this vehicle is in excellent shape, and the interior is great too. Have always used a HeatShield in the windshield, and full WeatherTech floor liners (all included). Tons of coats of Collonite 845, Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze, etc...

Details of the 4Runner Trail Edition Premium
In case you’re don’t know the ins and outs of the 4Runner Trail Edition Premium here are some details of what it comes with:
  • Multi-terrain select
  • Crawl control — thought this would be a gimmick but really like it in some situations
  • Rear locker
  • Manual transfer case shifter
  • A-Trac
  • Moonroof
  • Heated seats
  • Entune / nav
  • Upgraded wheels
This 4Runner has the KDSS — really great IMHO — which I believe was the only optional item available. Had to search and search for a TEP with KDSS.

Here are the modifications we’ve made:

  • Icon 2.5” lift
  • Light Racing UCAs

  • MetalTech sliders (all of the above installed by MetalTech)
  • RCI aluminum skid plate + filler piece, black

Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx — amazing tire!

  • Dirty Parts dual battery system
  • Secondary Diehard Group 31 battery
  • Always on 12V outlet in cargo area
  • Xenon Depot HID kit with Phillips bulbs
  • Phillips LED fog bulbs
  • LED interior lights + reverse bulbs

Rack system + awning
Check Equipt Expedition Outfitters for more details if you're not familiar with this stuff
  • Eezi-Awn 2.2 meter K9 rack
  • Eezi-Awn K9 Stainless camp table
  • Eezi-Awn K9 Roof Rack Table mounting kit
  • Eezi-Awn Shade 2 meter awning
  • Shovel mount
  • OEM roof rails also included
  • Dynamat and insulation throughout the entire vehicle. Interior is quiet and doors close with a nice thud.
  • Audison speakers in dash, doors, and cargo
  • WeatherTech DigiFit liners in front, rear, and cargo
  • HeatShield Sunshade for windshield
  • Fumato oil drain valve

    Included if you want them:

    Let me know question you have, and if you want more pics of anything in particular.

    Thanks for reading this far down!

We have a white 2017 GTI Sport/Performance Package, DSG, plaid interior, heated seats, lighting package, 11k miles. Set of snow tires/OEM wheels, set of Neuspeed RSe10s.

It's my wife's car, but she wants a 4R. I'll talk with her tonight. If you're interested, I can send you pictures.

+edit // talked with her, she's interested, do you know the total height of vehicle, including roof rack?
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