130 amp alternator and Sure Power 1314 100a isolator - Bad or ?


Hi -

My Tacoma has a 130 amp alternator.

I just picked up the Sure Power 1314 100a isolator.

Will my alternator send 130 amps to the isolator or will it be lower by the time it gets to it?


Tail-End Charlie
Your alternator will send whatever is being drawn from it. In other words, it doesn't "push", everything else "sucks".

So the question is: Will you have something that is sucking more than 100a *through* the isolator?

If all you are doing is charging an aux battery, you probably won't. But if you hooked up a winch to the aux battery, you probably will (when winching anyway).


I learn something new everyday..

Thanks for the info.

Just running lights, a fan, etc. basic stuff.

Thanks again. This forum is great.

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Expedition Leader
It looks like your alternator exceeds the capacity of the separator. You might want to check with Sure Power about the ramifications if your system is draws more than 100a.