12V plugs and sockets that are not cigarette lighter style


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Am building a DIY power pack. I'm finding it hard enough to find any panel mount, single pair Powerpole connectors that don't look homemade 3D printed. Any recommendations? Even better, weatherproof ones?
Thank you.


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That's the one I'm using Herbie. As an added note you can also order a few of the 40 amp contacts if you want to up your amp rating.


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I'm actually looking for the same thing but supporting amperage to jump a vehicle...
That's actually easier, as they make plenty of panel-mount options for the SB50 and similar connectors.

OR, you can take advantage of the fact that the bigger connectors (SB175, etc.) are so large that they already have mounting through-holes in them and just bolt the connector directly to a flat surface and then just put a dust boot on it.