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Last summer at the Overland Expo Flagstaff, a few vendors were showing expedition travel related films on outdoor movie projectors with portable screens, at the after events. My search came up with nothing, but surely this has been a topic of discussion. I do trade shows, host events at my house, and spend a good amount of time in the wild, using my camper as a base camp. In all these situations a 12v Movie Projector would be awesome for demo videos, action videos, or screening my GoPro movie creations. I know that if I want to watch a movie while camped out, I could just stay at home, right? But, some days after riding trails, hiking, or paddling, I like to kick back and review footage or watch a movie. A good portable projector that I could sit on the fender well of my camper would be great. I could use it for trade show demos and back yard parties as well. I asked Google and got a lot of different options. I'm looking for a portable projector and screen that will run off 12v. Something bright enough to be able to see the screen in low light, and durable enough to pack in my gear. Who has a projector recommendation? Is anyone using an outdoor movie projector, or have experience enough to know which ones are best? I could randomly try one of the many options, but hope to get some input from the expedition travel side before just buying one to try. Thank you in advance.



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Most Projectors are actually DC, they just got an AC/DC power brick.. I've been thinking about adding one to my trailer and a retracting screen since it'd be smaller/lighter and cheaper than a DC TV.. didnt have much problem finding one w/DC voltage when I was looking at em, heck you can even get em w/their own battery if you want ultra portable..

my problem was I didnt trust many of the cheap-o units to survive very long in the trailer bouncing down trails.. was thinking I'd have to store it in a pelican case or something since its they got optics and perhaps an incandescent bulb.. I've got so much more to work on before I cross this path tho, good luck.. interested in seeing your results.


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this thing has been great on our trips

It has it's own battery but I usually plug it in to usb
I have the USB C to HDMI cable so my phone or tablet can be the source, and I load things on the MicroSD card
It is bright enough to use outside or inside the van and external speakers are a must.

Last trick, watch thrift stores for an old school projector screen and just remove the screen material itself, rolls up super small and easy to put up with paracord.