12V car coffee pot for long trip?


I do considerable hunting, fishing exploring here in the NW. My newest expedition rig is a 2000 Xterra, 3.3L that I am in the process of outfitting for future adventures. I have rigged it to be able to sleep and live in for reasonable amounts of time. My one need each day is a cup, or more, of coffee to get my heart started. I have been researching 12V car coffee pots for coffee, Earl Gray tea and Ramen noodles. I will be running a two battery setup. Can anyone offer suggestions for a good setup. I have researched the ones that look like a travel mug, 400ML, that look interesting. What can this informed forum offer for suggestions. BTW, thank you in advance for the information. MTG


Yep... Love my Jetboil. I have two of the first generation 1-liter setups. One is dedicated for boiling water so it's clean, the other is dedicated to use with the French press kit, so it has a nice coffee patina. They boil water so damn fast and I prefer to take a coffee break now and then to check out the sites or just relax on long trips.
I also have the fry pan and 1.5 liter sauce pan for cooking. Great kit.

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Are you planning on using it in the vehicle? I can understand not wanting to fire up a propane stove in a confined space. I haven't used it but Amazon has road pro 12V appliances.I like my hot tea first thing in the morning,before I crawl out,sometimes I make it the night before and put it in a thermos.


I would like the option to use in my vehicle without having to set up outside or perhaps while on the road. Although, if there is not a product that performs well I would employ a Jetboil or something similar. MTG

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I used to have one and wore it out. The .5 L cigarette lighter variety. Worked great. I used when I started overland jeep trips years ago. Coffee , granola bar and go! And you can use it inside too. I fact we used to take it on road trips. My wife would boil water for making hot chocolate or noodles for the kids while I drove.


12v insulated water boiler: http://amzn.to/2qCKCvk
Then Aeropress to make the coffee.

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I used that a few times and it worked well.

Honestly I'm not convinced that conventional coffee tastes that much better than powdered/crystallized, which is so much more convenient than messing around with drip coffee, french press, etc. and the cleanup.

for coffee, Earl Gray tea and Ramen noodles.
What good is Earl Grey without clotted cream? You'll need a fridge too! ;) 🇬🇧