12 Rubicon vs 14 Rubicon


I have to say thanks for all the info. Yes the new Rubicons do not automatically come with 410's. I was shocked when I started looking. I forgot about the head issue have to look at that. They are both comparative in pricing. The 14 is bottom end rubicon if there is such a thing. Stock radio soft top cloth seats etc so basically my Sport with the upgraded suspension sort of. The 12 has the hard top 410's still all stock Uconnect looks like the 430 nav I believe etc. I got my Sport at a steal and at this moment the 321's are fine in it but I did just order my Gobi Stealth rack so in the next few months a regear to 456 is needed if I keep it. Decisions Decisions. I do already have the chart for my existing Jeep. I just do not know how fond I am of an automatic. This is my 4th Jeep all manual and my parents had 3 CJ's all manual so tough to look at automatics in general.
ok so on those charts where the tire size is listed is that the true tire size as measured by the owner or a tire size posted by a tire seller


I have a '13 JKUR with 4.10s and an automatic, honestly I think you'll be fine with the 3.73s. I was reluctant to get the auto, but ultimately decided to so my wife could drive the Jeep. I'm glad I did, the transmission is great and it makes the amount of time I spend in traffic bearable. I would take the 14 Rubi. Resale will be much better, you'll get the Dana 44 in the front, the lockers, the transfer case and a warranty. That's all money you would have to put into the 12 and you wouldn't have the dealer support. Just my two cents.....


I had a 14 Rubi with 3.73s and now have a 15 with 4.10s, both autos. 3.73s are definitely livable, but I'm really digging the 4.10s a lot. It was surprisingly difficult to find what i wanted with the 4.10s though, not many out there which surprised me.


Mine is a '12 with 4.10s and 34s. Mine has a lot of weight on it, bumpers, winch, etc. Loaded with gear and a headwind pushes the limits on the 410s. It needs to go up a step to keep in OD on slight inclines with a headwind. Flat ground, loaded with gear its fine. I'd get the newer model with 3.73s and regear.


Aside from the options differences between the two specific Jeeps you are looking at, which have been discussed in depth by others before me, there is a negligible difference between the two model years. I'll attempt to list the differences as I remember them:

1. The '14 has different, and in my opinion, vastly superior seats. This is the most important difference between the two years, if you ask me.
2. The '14 will have cup holder interior lighting. A small but useful addition.
3. The '14 will have an auto dimming rear view mirror, with [useless] map lights built in.
4. The '14 will have a TPMS monitor which will monitor and display individual tire pressures for each tire, as opposed to the '12 which has a simple low tire pressure light, with no further info.
5. The '14 has a slightly different sound system, which is subjectively better or worse depending on who you talk to.

Others can chime in with anything I've forgotten/missed/incorrectly listed.

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