10x10 "pop up" sun canopy that packs small and light?

Off-roading in the everglades in the summer requires some shade when stopping for lunch. My 10x10 ez-up is way to big and heavy to take along in the back of my wrangler. There's got to be something better than the 40 pounder coleman from wal-mart. About 10x10 would be great, and needs to pack down to about 4' long and set up quick. Doesn't need to be heavy duty, only has to provide shade for several people sitting in camp chairs for an hour.
I have an REI Alcove, which is discontinued but almost if not exactly the same as this Kelty (Link Below). It takes about the same time to set up as an EZ Up once you figure it out. It packs to about the size of a small tent and it has withstood some serious wind while other EZ Ups were getting bent and broken. Also, there were optional side walls that I purchased for it and they work great as well.


A friend of mine also has the blue awning posted above. It's really great and super easy to set up. The only downside is that it has to be attached to the vehicle.


2016 4Runner Trail w/KDSS
Does it leak through that window?
No, it also has a closure flat the closes tight.
It's hard to see on the picture.

1 more question, how low do the poles go? I use a cot so I need something that gets low enough for sideways rain, I have a giant melty tarp but I'm looking for something that's easier for 1 person to use

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