10th Land Rover Party - 1&2 October - Les Comes, Spain


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Hello everyone,

Next 1st & 2nd of October, there will be another edition of the Land Rover Party in Les Comes (Spain). The event is one of the biggest in Europe for Land Rover enthusiast, and in the 10th Anniversary edition, there will be a lot of cool activities, including a Camel Trophy meeting!

More info about the Land Rover Party event here

Nice article about the Camel Trophy celebration at the 10th Land Rover Party here

The Camel Trophy Club will be attending the event with more than 20 CT vehicles coming from all over Europe, so I hope to see some of you guys there!



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Les Comes is owned by Pep Vila. He also runs Pro Motor. They were in charge with the selections of many of the CT countries for many years. Because of this, I'm sure this event will be top notch and true to the Camel Trophy spirit.


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Por mala suerte no. :( Vivo y curro en USA. Mi hijo está en el colé aquí así que estoy esclavo a su calendario. Por lo menos sabes que no estaré haciendo el cabra con los Discos y rompiéndolos. :D

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Yo vivo y trabajo en Noruega, pero me llevo a la familia porque mi hija todavia no va al cole hehe.
Bueno a ver si en otra nos vemos haciendo el cabra! :smiley_drive:


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Interesting new info from the organizers:

CT special this year at LR Party, includes an international CT meeting with CT owners attending from different countries, many ex CT participants/marshals most of them from Spanish teams.

The CT group will have a very nice and large area called CT camp/village, where all vehicles will be show and stay in a nice place. We will set up there some of our old CT big selections tents, we will include part of our old stuff as show/expo, info about CT and the Camel Trophy Club will have a place to set up the club shop.

Other CT activities, a large CT convoy Saturday morning through Les Comes tracks, leadership by boss and friend Pep Vila, owner of Les Comes, great CT enthusiast and part of the CT history as our team worked on selections for many CT countries and training for teams during CT years.

We will have a CT conference in one of Les Comes buildings during Saturday afternoon, all you attending LR Party also can join all extra activities and facilities of Les Comes.

Can't wait until October! :jumping: