109 for sale


JRose you should buy it and we'll form our own little club of 109 owners in Boise :)

On a side note Steven, I understand the reasons you're parting with her, just know when the time comes to find another one we'll be there to help you scour the country for the right one for you and the clan.
Dave. Hey there. I'd love to have it. It would look great in my garage! Unfortunately the TDi install in the D1 has zapped my funds. I've thought about trying to sell the old military jeep I have to fund a 109.

Btw I'd like to meet up with you one ofthese days. If you still want to do a ride along on patrol, let me know.


Expedition Leader
Here is the content of the CL ad in case the ad expires soon:

After much debate in my head, I have decided to sell my 1974 Land Rover Series III 109" Station Wagon. She is RHD. Military 2.25 petrol engine, mileage unknown but she runs great... just like a tractor with Land Rover badging. She is currently my daily driver. She easily maintains 55mph on the freeway but has been known to hit 65mph on occasion, especially with a tailwind... downhill. I am replacing the brake pads and wheel cylinders but she still stops good as she is. New master cylinder. New fuel pump. New 235/85R16 MT's on nice series rims. Frame has a few patch jobs but is still in good condition. Usual rust, etc. Not really sure I want to sell her so price is pretty firm. If you're not serious, well, stop by for a beer anyways... just BYOB... For the record I prefer Boddingtons.

Thanks for looking.