109 Ambulance: Relocating Battery.


I am finishing up on my new wiring harness and am thinking it would be good to relocate the battery to between the frame behind the center frame cross member (cg and clear up engine compartment space). I know its not the usual place to move the battery, and would make it a pain to jump (will be putting jumping leads).... but would this area present any problems (besides the rear driveshaft exploding and taking out the battery).



As you say, access is the only issue I see. I would merely think of adding a battery disconnect switch. It will make isolating the electric system a lot easier for both maintenance and in the event of an emergency.


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And I'd suggest for sure you run an Odyssey battery in that location. Just because it's much more likely to last, and not having you crawling under the truck and trying to change an 80lb battery every year or two. And obviously be sure to put it in a steel box, lots of things flying around under there.