100W portable power generator on Amazon


Calling the storage unit a generator really gets under my skin.

That 40AH is at what, USB's 5V?

How big at 12V?

Would not touch if replacement batts aren't readily available.

OCD Overland

They all call them generators/power stations these days.

Says 150Wh - 12.5Ah @ 12v

It's almost half the price of a similarly sized Goal Zero, so it's a good deal if well built and reliable. Gets good enough reviews.

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OCD Overland

Battery, case, inverter, etc. for that would run you $800 minimum, which is the same $/Wh as the Amazon deal, plus a lot of work. No one who needs 100Ah is going to be looking at this, so why go down that path? This is for someone who has a CPAP or just wants some lights and a phone charge.

SoCal Tom

I was impressed that it had a built in solar charge controller. It can also be charged by cigarette lighter and it will put out 12v, so theoretically it could be expanded with additional batteries.

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