100 Series Land Cruiser rear platform question

Hi all,

Recently purchased a 1999 Land Cruiser UZJ-100 that I am setting up as an exploring rig for the desert and mountains of the U.S. Southwest.

I am thinking of building a platform that will have the same height as the top of the second row seats when folded down. The idea is storage underneath, sleeping spaces up top.

My question is, how to secure this platform? Looking at the rear cargo area (third row seats removed) with the factory carpeting still in place I don't see any obvious anchoring spots for the platform.

Suggestions please!



Are there brackets where the 3rd row would lock into the floor? If so you could utilize those holes the brackets are using to anchor the rear storage. This is the way I have done it on my 80 series, not sure how the 100 compares.
Thanks MattL yes there are sunken brackets on the floor where the third row seats lock in place. These brackets as is would be fine as a anchor point for bungy cords, etc. I guess I could remove one and see if there is a good threaded bolt hole that could be used as anchor point.
Mine has d-rings in the four corners of the floor (see photos). I’ll be using these as anchors for my drawer system using turnbuckles, most likely. Many examples of this method in the drawer section. 523373523374


Pop those plastic covers and I'm willing to bet you have threaded holes you could find a bolt to fit. Be careful not to over torque the bolts as you may end up what I did and break the nut that's welded underneath. It's not too big of a deal though since I was able to access underneath and use a regular nut/washer.

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