$100 roof rack (gutter mounts included) = worth it?


Is there a weight rating anywhere for it? I couldn't find one.
Not entirely sure. I sent them an email about it: those foot clamps didn't look like the most sturdy of construction... Hence my asking both you guys and them.
I'll see what they reply.

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An aluminum rack for just over $100 shipped is pretty inexpensive. I'd like to see close up pics of the gutter mounts, welds, and some specs on the material used if possible. It might be a nice find.


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Perfect use for that rack is on the top of a travel van to hold lawn chairs. It could probably hold 150 lbs or more standing still, but the torsional stress of any weight combined with offroad travel would likely cause those mounts to fold.

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I have seen racks like that and I believe it is a bolt together unit. I agree that it would probably only work for light duty apps. If you want to save money you can pick up a decent rack used, I got a Yakima load warrior off of craigslist for 50$. I think roof racks are something that often get taken off by new owners when cars are sold.


Pick up a set of 4 Yakima rain gutter mounts and two cross bars cheap off of Craigslist. Then source a piece of commercial/industrial wire shelving and strap it down. I did this awhile back on my FJ55 Land Cruiser except I used two pieces of shelving and 3 cross bars. Worked in a pinch.