100% Plant Based (The healthy way)


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So for about 2 years I stopped eating animal products including honey. I lost about 25 pounds then I just leveled out. Realizing corn chips and diet Pepsi's were still animal free, it wasn't very healthy at all.

I'm on a new mission to be 100% whole food plant based starting today. The only foods or products I consume from a package will be oats, frozen veggies, bottled water, and seasonings without salt, oil or sugar. (SOS free)

All the fake "Vegan" meats were also loaded with sodium and preservatives and very expensive. What it cost for a 5 pack of meatless hot dogs, I could have grabbed a few pounds of brown rice and beans.

As far as camp food is concerned, I am looking forward to cast iron beans over a fire like the old cowboy days. I also have a very seasoned wok that would make outstanding stir fry with peppers, onions, and mushrooms. (No oil or butter) Low sodium vegetable broth is your friend.

I try to not use the word "Vegan" because that has to do with animal welfare 1st and not so much diet. I mean I still have leather products, and I'm too lazy to check every label in my house to see if testing was done on mice. More power to you if you go that far.

So all in all, I thought I would share and hope others chime in if you follow similar approaches.
No hate from meat eaters please, I was once there and will out barbeque the best of the best. LOL.


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No hate, just curious what has led you to this point? As someone interested in nutrition research, but not an expert by any means, it seems most of the research tends to point in the opposite direction of this approach. Again not judging, just curious.


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I was diagnosed with gout a few years ago. My Doctor told me to limit red meat and prescribed me a ton of medications. I was never the type to enjoy baked skinless chicken or salmon so I said screw it, all or nothing. If its not deep fried with a batter, I wasn't interested.

Long story short I put myself on a meatless diet without taking my prescriptions and the gout went away within a month. I still consumed dairy like eggs and cheese but challenged myself to remove those items as well.

I don't trust too many Doctors when it comes to diet and nutrition. If Doctors argue with other Doctors about what not to eat, how can I take one side or the other serious? All I did was test the waters on my own terms and I self healed myself.

I can't say why others chose this lifestyle, but for me, the pain and frustration of not being able to walk to the restroom due to gout was enough for me to give it a try.

And the research you imply of pointing in opposite directions...well I believe what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. I have been on keto diets while lifting heavy weights and always felt crappy. I was a little strong, no Brian Shaw or Eddie Hall lol but I can see the use of animal protein helping.

I don't believe there is a right or wrong way of doing diets, but what everyone seem to agree on is to cut out the processed foods. Even to eat meat, natural vs processed is the key.

Anyways, hope I answered your question.
If you really want to be confused, watch the film "What the Health". Its on youtube and Netflix.

BTW-I don't judge others for eating meat. I still have to cook for my wife and kids and they are not about to give up ANYTHING!
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I just do my best to eat healthy... I have to physically be able to dominate 18-21 year olds... gotta have meat to do that at my age (40) haha.


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there is a book out called "How not to die" basically it's the diet I am following. Altho I am not 100% rigid on the diet but 90-95% or so. ie no meat red or white, no dairy no eggs etc.
there is a book out called "How not to die" basically it's the diet I am following. Altho I am not 100% rigid on the diet but 90-95% or so. ie no meat red or white, no dairy no eggs etc.
I'm interested in this. I will look out for it. Thanks for this info.
I my diet is now about 95% plant based. I was having indigestion to where I could not sleep so I started cutting back on red meat, then chicken, then seafood. I've lost 20 lbs and my indigestion has gone away completely. What is strange is now I can eat spicy foods again without stomach problems. I have cut back on dairy also. I still eat cheese but with in much smaller quantities. I still enjoy meat on a rare occasion but this has been now 3 years for me and I really don't miss my old diet. I had a physical about 6 months ago and the doctor asked straight out if I was a vegetarian once he saw my blood work. He told me that most of his patients my age that had similar results were vegetarians. The results were unusually good for a late 50 yo. Diets are very personal things and I don't say anything about mine to friends unless asked. Congrats on your new found diet and your weight loss. If you have not had a physical lately I would suggest you have one to see where you are. I think you will happy with the results.
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If you have not had a physical lately I would suggest you have one to see where you are. I think you will happy with the results.
Yes I am due for an October physical. I am to get blood drawn before then but kind of holding off until last minute. Funny thing is I went in for a knee injury and the doctor quickly ordered lab test done.

Glad you found what works for you. I have been told many times to cut carbs and consume more animal protein. Always felt heavy, in a sluggish-no energy way. Blood pressure was way high and of course digestive issues.

This plant based stuff is pretty awesome. Can't lie, boring at times, but I feel great.
If you like to read here's a couple of really good book suggestions couple of them are more about ultramarathon running but they also deal with human physiology and how diets and the food we intake has greater effects on our body. The plant based diet started making a little more sense to me when I started to notice that when you get into triathletes and ultramarathoners people that absolutely push their bodies to the breaking point you find a lot more vegans and vegetarians , so for me someone that can push their body into running a hundred plus miles is saying that they recover faster and have less soreness being on a plant-based diet it makes you really listen to them.

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall
Eat and run by Scott jurek
The China Study by T Colin Campbell
The documentary fat sick and nearly dead
And it really doesn't have to do with the subject but the book Never wipe your ass with a squirrel is just kinda entertaining if you like running and humor
Do you account for micronutrients intake with your diet as well? Specifically I am thinking of iodine which regulates thyroid function. Some studies show increased iodine deficiency in plant based diets. I would think you would be a greater risk with intentionally avoiding salt.