10" tablet options?


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Egads, too many choices, biological OS is freezing up...help help.

OK, looking for a 10" display tablet, capable of running something like Backcountry Navigator - or a map package that does layers, raster/vector if necessary, various file formats, etc. Pretty much what everyone else is looking for, however I'm planning on using this tablet as a permanently mounted, in dash unit, dedicated to the vehicle. Primary use will be navigation.

I'm relatively open to all platforms, even though I'm not a huge fan of Apple, currently. Plus I'm reading of some issues with heat tolerance for the iPads. I'm probably going to steer towards Android and MS (spit...) OS's, flawed as they are, I still would rather deal with them.


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I'm quite happy with the Google/HTC Nexus 9. Great screen/GPU, fast CPU, decent speakers for what it is, direct support for Android from Google, GPS and LTE built in.

It seemed to be very power hungry when in stand-by mode but since the Android 5.1 update it seems a lot better. Still not as frugal as Apple devices though.

My only other complaint is that it only comes with a maximum of 32GB. Plenty for mapping, field service manuals and some songs but I wish it had more room. The iPad2 that I handed down to my wife was 64GB and was a better fit for my usage.

FWIW, I came from iOS as my platform of choice for mobile and now I am Android 100%. It's just more flexible and since about 4.2.x-4.3 or so it's been comparable feature-wise with iOS and has a similar level of polish to the interface. Integration with Mac OS is simplistic but gets the job done. Can't speak to Windows integration. They force me to use Windows at work (TV Middleware) but otherwise I don't care enough to find out how well it works for Android integration. If it ain't UNIX it's crap.

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Look for a tablet that has sd card slots, then memory is not an issue. I have a 10" acer iconia 210 that works great. best part it was under 200 bucks at Walmart. There are a yaffle of cheap 10" android tablets that work great. The nexus is awesome, but on the expensive side and has no memory upgrades as far as I know. As for windows tablets, I have an asus vivotab RT LTE. I love this tablet and I use it constantly. I am typing on it right now actually. It has a mapping program called maps pro. You can download topos, sat imagery, street maps and more. The only thing that's not available is an OBD II monitorin program. Not a huge deal, but I like it for keeping track of my vehicles various sensors and temps. My jeep has its own tablet now. A lePan 8" mini. Its the perfect size for dash mount, has the speed and great screen to use for exploration useage.

I recommend finding a acer 210. its great, and can be had inexpensively.


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Another vote for window's tablets and MapsPro here. The only downside is to use GPS, you have to use a Bluetooth unit as the window's hardware isn't setup to use a serial USB. Otherwise, no complaints. The MapsPro app was developed by a single guy and not a company or group, so bug fixes and upgrades are fast coming if you report them and the guy will work directly with you to fix any bug you encounter. Not that there are many bugs left, but he's constantly updating the App. If you go with a window's tablet, make sure it has a micro SD slot on it. You can get micro SD cards for pretty cheap with some high volume storage. With the cards, you're also paying for how fast the card interacts with the tablet though, so its still kind of a balancing act, but even a cheap card will work just fine with the app. It does use vector navigation so you can plan out road trips pretty easily and you can download whole state or national maps with it so it can be used offline as well. No pesky AT&T chip and rates to deal with.


I got an original windows surface pro off eBay for £256

Brilliant thing and as it's got a computer operating system I stead of a smart phone OS it r u s normal PC programs

Usb slot too for you gps receiver


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Since recommending the Acer 210, I pulled mine out and I'm typing on it right now. It works great and will fit the bill for you perfect I would say.