10 ft BUNDUAWN 360 degree awning - $1590


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SF East Bay: BRAND NEW in-box 10 foot BUNDUTEC 360 degree vehicle awning for sale. This is an aluminum framed, pole-less, aluminized fabric vehicle awning designed to provide an enormous amount of shade wherever you decide to park your rig. I’ve attached a link to the site from which I purchased this awning. It turns out that this size Bunduawn is too big for my set up - I’m downsizing to a 8’ version. The 10’ awning is best used for vehicles on which the backplate of the awning can be mounted to a surface that will not flex (ie Land Rover, van, Land Cruiser, 4runner, etc). I’m firm on the $1590 price. Please note that this item is unavailable anywhere locally and by buying it at the above price, you are saving tax and shipping - which is significant given it’s odd size. Note: The pictures above are a representation of the product and not my actual pictures. For more info, please visit link below:

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking.