1/2 Ton VS 3/4 Ton Trucks for Four Wheel Camper Hawk model?


I am in a 3/4 ton now. If I were thinking of a slide in camper of any sort I would be looking to jump up to a 1 ton. Sit down and do the math on what the camper plus all the provisions, gear and warm bodies will weigh. It adds up fast. It is a lot easier/more comfortable to have a little more truck that you need than the other way around. Riding around on the bump stops or trying to beef up a suspension that will never be heavy enough will be a bigger headache and cost as much as jumping up to a bigger truck that will do the job right.


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I had a Hawk in a 04 Tundra double cab. Ran just airbags first to handle the additional weight and it was usable but the leaf springs were acting more as shock absorbers than load carrying which was scaring me so I ordered a custom leaf pack.
Custom springs, air bags, E rated tires now and the truck handles great! Dirt/fire roads, light wheeling, no problem. Havent touched the brakes yet but the extra weight is definitely noticeable in their performance.
I imagine on a newer Tundra the weight of a Hawk would be less of an issue as they are way beefier.