I LOVE THIS TRUCK AND CAMPER, and it makes me a little sad to sell, but life must tend towards chaos, just like physics.

un-necessary editorial:

I have had this since it had 6 miles on it, It was my first nice vehicle and we have been on so many adventures together. I have never wanted for more until now. AKA we are expanding our family and are going to need room for Henry and a future adopted child. Henry is a 160 lb Great Pyrenees that will be coming to live with us in the next couple weeks and along with our other 2, Pip and Sam, we will have about 260 lbs of dog to haul around. :Wow1: Plus we are getting started on the process to adopt a child and that could take a month or 2 years, you never know till you get a call to fly or drive to pick them up.

What we want:
Suburban or Yukon XL. The only options that are requirements are at least the 3.42 gears and it not being black. Open to trades and some cash from our side.

Price: $17,000. title is clear.

09 GMC Seirra all terrain z71
~ 94000 miles
5.3 cast iron motor that has always had dealer oil changes. 4L60E. I have only towed a few things in its life.
new front wheel bearings last year w/ lifetime warranty. New pads on the front brakes at about 75k miles. OEM pads not the ones they say are factory replacements but are actually not as good as the OEM pads.

all terrain package has a few goodies, including the yukon dash, vastly superior IMHO to the truck dash, larger dia sway bar in front, skid plates, 3.73 gears, external oil cooler, trailer brake controller

only mods are the 4 hella lights on a slick light bar that is no longer made that bolts to the tow hook mounts, retaining the factory tow hooks and firestone riderite air bags, these do not leak.

The truck is scheduled to get new shocks on Sept. 1 as the ranchos are leaking. Bilstien 5100 series front and rear. Fronts are adjustable ride height.
Cooper AT3 tires last year, not sure on miles as I run blizzaks in the winter on a different set of wheels. Coopers are a bit larger than stock, no level kit or any of that nonsense to wear out the ball joints and steering.

Comes standard with all the regular 100k mile stuff. The crimped transmission cooler lines weep one drop here and there. the front axle seals have been replaced. a rattle and creek here and there.

drivers side box side is dented from the 1/2 door blowing into it a couple times, I used to live in Wyoming.

passenger front fender is dented from a small altercation.

front bumper is pushed in a touch from a small deer that made a fatefull decision. The light bar took most of the Hit.


Very rare and Hard to find Perfect "shell" type slide in. Simple, light weight, functional.

Roamin' Chariot Slide in camper made in Washington.

This Camper is awesome. It hinges at the front and pops up in the back. aluminum side frames and wood other places. Has 2 cabinets, one left and one right as you go in the back. It is quite light weight. I added a compartment/ seat for solar power at the front. Has a few year old deep cycle and 100 watt Renogy panel and controller. One 12v outlet for fridge, switched battery voltage monitor, switched outlet that curretly has 2x usb thing, but is not working. original florescent light on the roof and outdoor light on back ( currently 2 wires inside that get twisted together, needs a switch, easy fix. Integrated awning that attached to pop up section and 2 metal tubes that slide out of the side, a quite clever design. Slide out panel for upper bed king size. 2x twin mattress pads fit perfectly. table drops down to make another bed space on the lower section. We had a dinner party with 5 people over the eclipse weekend on the table.

This was built for the trucks with a lower bedside height, so i have 2x6 sled that it fits on in my truck. This allows for storage of some flat things like camp chairs, maxtrax, folding table under the camper.

It did leak in the front drivers side corner. I replaced the rotted wood parts of the frame and glued everything back together well. it continued to leak after that, but i think i have it all sealed up now. there is some discoloration to the inside but the structure is all good.

Camper with solar, battery, 3 in folding memory foam mattress pads for upper bed, sled for underneath, 4 cable type jacks

Ill get some more pictures up tonight.

Here is a shot of us from last weekend. 2 current dogs included for cuteness and you can see the dents on the front fender if you zoom way in.

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