08 A.R.E. CX series topper


Mountain Lover
Until I can afford a Flippac or Four Wheel Camper my A.R.E. shell will have to do. I do really like the design that A.R.E. has incorporated in their products with the win doors. They are extremely convenient and allow me to sleep in the back with the windows shut and still have ventilation and no bugs!! For anyone looking for a good cap these really are top of the line and with a couple mods they are very livable. The pics are some of the standard features and some I have added.

photo 4 copy.JPG
Exterior view
photo 4 copy 2.JPG
Windoor open
photo 5 copy.JPG
Interior view
photo 1 copy 2.JPG
Curtains I made up with velcro to attach to carpet
photo 2 copy 2.jpg
As we all know the Tacoma bed is riddled with gaps these gaskets work wonders in sealing those gaps (http://shop.agricover.com/product/trailseal)

This build will continue as I add my AT drawers, water tank, and AT shower. Hopefully sooner than later......