06 GX 470...Lot told me to make an offer

186000 with none of the major service documented. Minor service was kept very well. Will not go forward so could be simple or a major rebuild. At minimum it needs all the major services done. I'm thinking a $3000 offer if they will take it. would love some opinions.


Depends on the reason for “will not go forward”. :)
lol somehow I missed that part. Yeah, that could be expensive if you're outsourcing the repair. You can get used transmissions on car-part for ~$500, which wouldn't be the end of the world unless labor dramatically shifted the equation. Transfer cases are significantly more expensive.
You can find used transmissions for $1200 to $1500 online with free shipping nationwide. Called a a local shop I use and he said $600 for an install with new filter and fluid. So running your at 5 grand with all of the major service left. That's a decent deal but after that your creeping up close to regular retail so not a bargain. Problem is they are not going for the deal. I used to buy SUV's like this easily for $2000 and under and fix them. There are just not many bargains left out there in used vehicles anymore. They have a 13 yo unit with a lunched tranny closing in on 200000 miles and won't take 3 grand....wow. I think GX 470's are no longer under the radar anymore.
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