04-08 F150 owners


Are you having trouble with your automatic 4x4 engagement on the front of your F150 like me? I spoke with the folks at 4x4 Posi-Lok (http://www.4x4posi-lok.com ) and they told me if there was enough interest in the cable lock device for the 04-08 F150 that they would send it to their R&D department for possible development. If you are having any trouble with your 4x4 engagement of if it has been in the shop for repair, please respond to this thread and I will forward all response to the company.


I have an 05 and have not had any issues. Though I don't get to use 4wd that often(unfortunately).

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I have fixed 15 in my life not including the one truck i have fixed at least 9 times. Seems one guy finds out you can fix it and next you know your under every truck in town. My friend Kiltin abuses his truck like no 06 f150 should be. The motor has been rattling for 2 years he holds it to the rev limiter every chance he gets.


There is a couple problems. If the wheel hubs go below 15 in pounds of air pressure it will lock into 4WD by itself. Sometimes when it cold (below 40 F) it will not lock the wheel hubs completely and you will have no 4WD even though the light on instrument panel is illuminated. There is also times when the system is under strain that it will disengage the wheel hubs and again there will be no 4WD then you hear this awful sound like brake calipers dragging and popping sounds coming from the wheel hubs trying to re-engage.