02 Tacoma Expedition Truck 4x4 long travel 50,ooo miles $3,900


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Something smells fishy to me. It's priced way too low and what's the deal with the black roof?


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Done right, that could be a great idea. Kinda like the older Toyota campers. I only clicked it because I flagged a 01 double cab for the same price on the local CL...


I saw this for sale about 3 month ago on CL here in LA. Im going to see if i can check it out tomorrow after work. The guy never responded back to me before. Seems like too cheap of a price for the amount of extras on it.


sorry if its spam. i have never seen spam on that site. i was thinking maybe he wanted $13,900 and it was a typo or its really $3,900 and a killer deal or hes out of the country and his uncle can arrange for pick up after you send him the funds to his ebay account :xxrotflma


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if it is all legit then it is a hell of a deal, if gas wasn't so expensive I would drive by and check it out


dang, wonder if it was really 3900 for all that I'm kicking myself in the *** for not going to look at it. I could of parted it out and made money.